Hattie (ereki) wrote in co_workers_suck,

LINDA . She's the kind of woman you want to pity. For one thing, she makes children burst into tears with her horribly grating, raspy voice. For another, her cashiering speed is downright laughable. And most of all, whereas I am young and still have hope of a future beyond grocery store cashiering, she's oh-so-old and has years and years of "paper or plastic?" ahead of her.

But, no, NO - after any remote encounter with Linda, you know that there is to be no pity for Linda. She is a bitch ass h0.

One day, I was working at the U-scan section. By some good stroke of luck, a friend of mine showed up and stood by my station for a little while to talk to me and keep me entertained. First off, nobody has ever told me that this was against the rules. Second, it wasn't affecting my work performance at all. And third, LINDA is a cashier, not a manager, stationed on the opposite side of the room. Yet LINDA took it upon herself to come and investigate me, then report me to a manager.
If Linda's not having fun, nobody can.
I got a nice little lecture from the manager about how I can't have "boyfriends pressing the buttons on my register". LIES, LINDA, LIES!!!!

...Just the other day, she was stationed at the register next to mine. Not only did I have to listen to her awful rasp all day, she also made a huge fuss about how I was checking my uncle's groceries. "You can't check relatiiiives! You can't! I've been working here three years, I should know." She totally made this up. Damn, did I miss the part where she were assigned to watch my every move and make sure that I never derived any sort of enjoyment from my job?

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