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[STICKIED] Community Question Post #74 - UR FIRED!

theidolhands asks:

Have you ever been responsible for getting someone into trouble, like written up or fired?

What did the other party do (or not do)?

Was it intentional or just how the cookie crumbles?


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Two Things Here...

Two things to get off my chest.

First off, I have a colleague who likes to eavesdrop on everything that others are saying.

Also, he seems to think he is everyone else's line manager, so if he disagrees with what you say on the phone or tell someone else you've done, he will interrupt and tell you what he thinks of your decision.

I do often want to tell the guy to mind his own business - it's like he constantly thinks he knows better, despite being one of the rudest people I've come across.

Secondly, my line manager.

He can be difficult to talk to sometimes, occasionally about work.

A few weeks ago, someone came round with leaflets about IT training courses that might help. I picked some up - my manager was away from his desk; I booked one up and left them on his desk, with a note "these may be useful for the team".

He chucked them on the floor - probably didn't bother to read them. I didn't comment on it, but I was a bit taken aback.

Rant over.

Just to say, I also had two colleagues talking right over me while I was trying to work yesterday; also annoying.

Christmas Cards

How does everyone feel about co-workers and Christmas cards?

I used to hand them out at work, and I'd make sure I gave one to everyone else in my immediate work section - no hurt feelings that way.

One of my colleagues was leaving a few days ago, and one of her last acts was to hand out Christmas cards - but she was quite selective about it, it was like "the ones who I give Christmas Cards to are the ones I like".

Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm one of the ones who didn't get a card.

Lunchtime Plans

I know co-workers are often busy, but I don't think it's acceptable to do what one of mine did yesterday.

We'd made plans to have lunch together weeks ago; I sent a reminder, to check he was still on - absolutely no response.

I know he was in, as I saw him walking around in the afternoon, but he didn't show up at my desk at lunchtime, so - had lunch on my own.

(no subject)

**It's been a while since I last posted, and a lot has changed. Some for the good, some for the bad.**

I've spoken in the past about my job as a Courtesy/Bakery/whatever Clerk they need me to be. Well, I (finally!) got my cashier training (after 3 years of waiting, no less) back in October 2017. I was offered to work a total of 8 days a month at our in-store restaurant, got a raise (plus tips!), and am able to work a much more diversified schedule. (Thank God) This means, I've had to learn our Aloha restaurant system, which everybody said was a pain to learn, when in fact it's really easy when you know what you are doing.

In the time since getting my training, I've seen our Kitchen Manager/Catering Manager leave and a new Kitchen Manager start. The old Kitchen/Catering managers left us just after the Holidays and this new one is an asshole. Thankfully, I'm not the only one who thinks so. He's not very friendly to any of us who work for him, only to the customers. He doesn't place orders for food items that we sell in our hot ready-to-eat case/condiments for the restaurant. You have to badger him, and constantly remind him. His attitude is sometimes like that of a 2-year-old having a tantrum and he's around my age! That is no way to treat your employees.

Had some good news last week about a manager that most, if not all of us working the cash registers at the front, dubbed The Witch. She was, and still is, the worst manager we have at the store. She has had temper tantrums in front of the customers, and cursed out the cashiers. She's got a racial bias (she's Easter European - not sure exactly where she's from, immigrated here as a child) and she actively acts on it. We're supposed to start counting the register that we're using about 10 minutes before the end of our shift, to ensure that we get off on-time. That never happens when she's manager. A friend has stayed as late as a hour because of her. Found out from that same friend this week that The Witch has been given Full-Time status. I've never been more inclined to throw bricks at somebody.

Let's just say that there's a lot of us who are not happy that she's staying.
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I am my own co-worker and I also suck....an honest post

Firstly, please let me know if this type of post is not allowed and I will remove it.

I am my own co-worker and I also fuck up. I get panic attacks. I get anxiety attacks. I also get depressed from stress to the point where I struggle to get on the job. This, in turn, makes me feel like I'm not doing my job properly and I pick at everything, every decision, I made through the day. Some days it's worse, some days it's a walk in the park. And it can go from those two extremes throughout the day. I am human.

That being said, when they decided to have me be a supervisor, I really did not want to take on that role and got a panic attack. Because supervisors get the angry customers (though I work with them all the time, as the customer service rep and the supervisor), and they get angrier if they are not happy with what you give them. I prefer to e-mail, not call people. I can edit my e-mail and make it flow. I cannot edit a conversation. I have had to pretend to be a supervisor before, but was given a script to give, a unique one for each unique situation. I have taken the initiative on a few e-mails that seemed to escalate to the point where they did not need to. But the customer did not ask for a supervisor, though I reaplied as such. Why? I was told to do so. "Pretend you were just going through the e-mails and happened across their e-mail. Makes us look pro-active."

I haven't been a supervisor of my department for long. Maybe roughly 9 months with the official title. And of those 9 months, I actually had staff to look over for like 3 months and even then they are part-time so I'm by myself for over half the day, every shift. So, I get the worst anxiety attacks when I have to call upset customers, supervisor call or not. I would usually get some anxiety when getting on calls before, but it's worse now. The fight or flight response in me makes me freeze. The longer I have worked in customer service, the worse it has gotten.

I had a calm supervisor call this morning. Very straight forward. Customer was upset their order was not delivered properly, in the wrong bags, and shit went south pretty bad. We were going to lose a long-time customer over one driver's lack of caring, which made us look like we didn't care. She wanted a full refund. Well...I spent 15 minutes just trying to just dial her number, almost to the point where I wanted to cry my eyes out and ask my boss to call as the manager because I wasn't feeling well. I still called her. Heard her out, acted surprised about the driver (I'm not, he's an asshole). And rather than to bargain with her, I gave her what she wanted. A refund of whatever was delivered...plus a gift card to try and keep her as a long-time client. She was happy, I was not. I feel like I did not make the right call...because I didn't know what the right call would have been for the company. And I spent another 15 minutes analyzing this 10 minute call, on what I could have said differently, what I forgot to say, how to have NOT issued her a refund and still had her want to stay as a client...etc...etc... because it was the wrong decision. Now I'm paranoid about the boss asking me what the resolution was, and how to avoid giving her a refund. I notice I'm starting to stutter more on my calls and just freeze...like halfway through a sentence, I will pause and then continue, completely forgetting what I was trying to say. But not when I'm typing. And it bothers me.

And I'm experiencing burnout, which is also making me not care and care too much at the same time. I've worked with a lot of other reps who experienced burnout and thinking back on it, some of my habits right now, were also their habits. Some ended up quitting their jobs. Some took an extended vacation and came back refreshed. I have not. Though I took a small vacation and felt refreshed, I also didn't want to go back to work. I wanted to just quit and start over.

Ideally, I want to transition out of customer service, but I'm not sure how to do it. I feel like starting at in a part-time position, then transitioning out completely. The last few jobs I applied to stated that I had more experience in that field and would be better suited to it. I know I can just keep applying, but I wanted to vent a bit.

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Being redundant is redundant.

If you guys could see my face, you'd think I'd snapped and quit my job. Nope. Still here.

To the boss person,

I don't understand how difficult it is to understand once a refund has been issued it CANNOT be undone (at least in the system I use). An item has been out of stock FOR FOUR DAYS! Why are we going to try to deliver again TOMORROW when the order has been pushed FOR FOUR FUCKING DAYS!

Also, don't assume I know how to use every program available to me. I have a gmail account. That DOES NOT mean I know how to use all of google docs or all their little ticks and tricks.

Also, stop saying I'm the supervisor and that I need to act like one, but at the same time, you are overriding my decisions and training schedules, because of your "Pet employee" can do anything. No, they can't. They're fucking up, too. No one is perfect.

And you're whole "Be proactive, not reactive" bullshit speech. Dude! You realize, I'm not up at 5 IN THE MORNING! You do realize, we run on different email schedules and you cannot see a little speech bubble popping up saying "So-N-So is typing a message," right?

Quit micro-managing departments. I know you are also doing this to the other supervisors.

Ugh! UGH!


The employee who hasn't had a decent night's sleep for FIVE DAYS

gw/duo - as long as you're here

Whose bright idea was it to allow people to ask off for some stupid reason?!

For my job, I had to download an app called "HotSchedules," and while it's worth the $3, I'm wondering why the hell I even have it? Why? For three weeks STRAIGHT, I had to deal with someone calling out. Once was on a Friday (that I had off and was planning on going to dinner with my husband, who I rarely see since I work so much). That Thursday night, who calls me at work?

My BOSS. Asking me to work on Friday night because the other girl (who would eventually quit) couldn't make it in. Really?! Thank you SO much, jerk off, for making me miss my date night with my husband that I deserved after dealing with BS all week!

But that's not the worst of it. After working 10 NIGHTS in a ROW, I had two glorious days off, and then... the app shows "Tuesday - One Shift Available." Turns out someone else (knowing I had that day completely off due to me having wisdom teeth surgery that afternoon) wanted to not show up for five freaking HOURS. It's only five freaking HOURS, people! And it's the easiest shift in the damn week! (Tuesdays are rarely ever busy at the end of the month.)

And now it's down to three: me, A (a woman who hates being overworked like I do), and K (who is actually going on maternity leave soon). After K leaves, it's just two people the whole holiday season. Unless my boss is smart enough to hire someone else for my department, I might start calling out too. I need a vacation myself.
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[STICKIED] Community Question Post #73 - U SUCK

theidolhands asks:

Here is an apropos question for the comm, do you have a story about a suck-up? Have you ever been in a position where you were/became one?


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[STICKIED] Community Question Post #72 - BREAK IT DOWN

theidolhands asks:

Ever have a co-worker/boss who messed around with break times? What did they do? Were you able to fix the problem in any way?


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