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theidolhands asks: Would you invent a "New Years Resolution" that you wish one of your sucky co-workers would make?

Want to add any personal resolutions regarding your work life?

Having the migraine was bad enough

Woke up with an incipient migraine. One of those....you can FEEL the pain starting up, the nausea, the...well, migraine stuff. So...for nearly the first time EVER,I called into work, telling them that I just could not make it in.

I went in the next day, still a bit of pain, at least most of the other symptoms were pretty much gone. After looking around, and seeing what the cat areas looked like...I felt like going right back home

So...to the person who fed the cats when I was sick....
There is plenty of dry food, they don't need canned. I'm sure you probably gave the canned to the kittens. At least that is better than giving them the adult food...although not by much. The grain free....well, that is what I've been feeding them. You could have called and asked.

I understand that no one, but no one wants to do the laundry. After all, you guys use those towels in the kennels, wiping down the walls, and sometimes the beds. Those towels get soggy, sometimes with 'substances' on them that are not what you want to handle. Sadly, they do not clean themselves. If I'm not there, seems laundry doesn't get done.

Finally, to our 'vet' who seems to have a weird idea of how things work. May I just let you know that grain free food and dewormer will NOT 'heal' a kitten with the 'manx problem' This is a problem that some manx have, they basically cannot control their bowels or urine output. Yep...they just basically drop it all over. Stinks too. Most vets, when confronted with this, will put the cat down. No way of making them adoptable, no matter HOW much someone may want a manx. Also, too much dewormer is rather like feeding a kid laxatives every day. Eventually, it does a LOT more harm than good. As it is, the poor baby 'bled' out and died.

Oh...and the cat who you wanted me to give that pituitrophen to? He doesn't have pituitary problems....according to the xray from another vet, he's got some crushed bone. I'm not going to say you are a bad vet....there are other words I want to use. Does the word 'quack' ring a bell?

Ringworm, it is lyme dip, and oddly enough, athletes foot cream.
Crushed or broken bones, either fix or amputate
Sneezing, coughing, watery eyes....stuff for upper respiratory or gunky eyes.

while grain free food is good (and expensive...too expensive for our director to consider buying) it is NOT a miracle cure. If it were, I'd give it to the guys to see if I could make them actually WORK.
Themed questions for members to answer are posted regularly! Click the "theme post" tag to see past posts.
If you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: Have you ever worked through a temp agency? Holidays? Other?

Would you describe the experience? Pros, Cons?

If not, have you known others who did & how did that go?
I've recently taken over as GM of a local pub. There were some younger people working over the summer holidays under the previous guy in charge, and they all left once school started up again in September. All of them were given their P45 (UK document given to people when they leave employment for tax reasons), so they officially have left the company. The old boss said it was possible staff might be needed at Christmas, but NOTHING WAS GUARENTEED (this is important).

Anyway, last week one of the girls (16 years old) sent him a message saying she was back for christmas and she could work a few days a week, but not weekends. He told her to call and speak to me as he's moved on (still in the company, but working higher up the chain), and tonight I get a call from her. Now I have a full complement of Front of House staff, but could possibly have used a waitress at weekends, which she claimed she couldn't work. So tonight she called up about 'her job', expecting to be able to just come back, and seemed kind of put out when I said sorry, I don't really need anymore staff, except for possibly the weekends which she'd said she couldn't do. She kept repeating that she had been promised hours and was still on the books, both of which aren't true. She then decided she could possibly work certain weekends, so I said I'd have to check what I needed and when, and I'd be happy to have a chat with her if she'd come in and see me. Which she said she'd do.

Then a few minutes later the phone rings again, and it's mummy dearest. Her daughter asked her to call. How DARE I not give her daughter the hours she was (not) promised!! Her daughter is still employed by us (No, really, she's not), so we should have kept a job open for her. They've not booked a holiday especially so her daughter could work here! Her daughter had had lots of other offers that she'd turned down for us! HOW DARE WE TREAT HER LIKE THAT!!! Nothing I say could persuade her otherwise, and she tried demanding the old bosses number, which there was no way in hell she was getting, and as I'm in charge here now it wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference anyway.

She doesn't seem to realize that her calling up and screaming at me has just cost her daughter the hours I would have tried to find for her. All she had to do was come in and talk to me, instead she set her mum on me to try and bully me into giving her hours that aren't there. I am not being bullied into anything. Talking to the old boss it seems her mum dictates everything this girl does, to the point her mum would make her suddenly cancel shifts to do things with her instead. The girl also cracks under pressure and was known to walk out on busy shifts, which is what I'll be needing her for, so... No.

She's calling back tomorrow to see if I've 'come to my senses'. Oh, joy.

TLDR: Ex member of staff wants seasonal hours that aren't avaiable, rather than come and talk to me like I ask gets her mother to call and yell at me, loses any chance of getting any hours I might have been able to find for her.
Guys, while you are all out on the porch (or cluttering up the lobby) slurping down coffee, schmoozing with the boss, (at least they do smoke outside) and sucking on those smoky pacifiers you all need to indulge in about every five minutes...ponder this.

Those dogs are not getting food, water or getting the kennels cleaned out. All three of you have been on the clock for half an hour, or more, and not one thing has been done. If I did that, I would have been fired, since I am the one who keeps getting told I have to 'cut my hours' Hell...if you guys were only paid for the actual time worked...most of you would have about 30 hours, for two weeks.

Desk people, do you REALLY enjoy coming in here on a sunday afternoon and working to put 50+ cats and 40+ dogs updated and into the computer???? If you had done them, as they were given to you....they would be done, ALL the animals would have cage cards,and I would not be here bugging you for those cards. I also would not be referring to 'that black kitten in the back' which, at this time is kinda like referring to 'that grain of sand on the beach'

Oh yes...laundry. The towels that have been dumped in the middle of the room next to the laundry room...I am NOT doing them. I will get those items I have (that I put into my laundry hamper, as I get them) or the items IN THE LAUNDRY BASKETS NEXT TO THE WASHER. I am not about to pick up after all of you. You can also stop taking my clean dishes, since you have plenty of dishes of your own...I am NOT cleaning the surgery cages, since boss gets all bent out of shape if I'm there past noon (and YOU try getting 40+ cages clean in four hours) If you three guys have time to smoke entire packs of cigarettes, drink pots of coffee and schmooze with the boss, you have time to clean the kennels, small dog room, iso and surgery.

You had all better hope we don't have any meetings soon. You guys will NOT like me.

I just hate hate HATE new workers

Ok....people at the front desk. Yes, I know, new girl, you are just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy, checking your facebook, calling your boyfriend, going for lunch, schmoozing with the boss and tottering about on those heels and skinny jeans, while the cat lady (who she is supposedly 'helping' is slopping about in old jeans, tshirts that have been through the mill and flat shoes, cause....well...I'm kneeling down, scrubbing cages and dealing with cat litter boxes and she is.....standing there) I may not look ready to go on a date but then...I'm not messing up my good clothes (all one or two dresses) either.

Now....while you are sitting at the desk, doing...whatever....kindly notice that HUGE pile of paperwork, cat and dog cards and other stuff. Some, most of which has been sitting there since last WENSDAY, when the vet came out, did her spay/neuter thing and rabies. All those papers are still sitting there, although, in a slightly neater pile. You see...I came in on sunday, and decided to do a full shelter lyme dip. That means...every single cat I could, got lyme dipped. From Fancy and her kittens, to...ok...I did not dip the two who I could not...and I did not worry about Zathras...he's injured. Now, not only do you have to put in who got spayed/neutered/rabies into the computer, but each and every cat also needs to have the info that they got lyme dipped. (a specific against ringworm, while I've only a few who have it...better to dip all than just the few) Now...if you have put all that info into the computer on wensday and thursday (or even friday) youwouldn't have all those cards sitting there, awaiting your attention, now would you?

Now...if I, with my arthritic fingers, low computer skills and exhaustion must go in and update all those cat cards, so that we can FIND the darn things...and update the fact that some of those cats have been adopted, died, put to sleep LONG LONG ago....I'm going to tell the boss I will do it, and I had better get PAID FOR IT. Either that, or the two of you can stop wandering about the shelter, showing off the NOT READY FOR ADOPTION cats and kittens, and actually DO THE JOB YOU HAVE TO DO.

Which brings me to my final 'this crap is giving me an ulcer' gripe. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON ADOPT OUT A KITTEN WHO HAS NOT BEEN WEANED AND IS STILL WITH MOMMA CAT!!!!! While I now (due to someone else letting me know who had my sweet LadiHawke) am not as worried, still, the baby should still be with Momma, as even the new owner knows. Ideally, no one should even BE in those rooms, picking out their new pet. ONLY in the lobby, unless you are told different.

Sheesh....can't ANYONE WORK anymore???


So I'm guessing there was an event this weekend because I was given a list of emails to "translate" (and with the chicken scratch people have, it is translating). I was also given an order to place. The card did not match the address given. I call the customer and explain that I'm placing the order and just need the billing address to complete the order. Simple, right? Nope.

The customer responds with "The rep said you didn't need that. Wow is this becoming difficult. Cancel the order."

I'm sorry? Who the hell said the billing address was not needed? The basics of online ordering requires a BILLING and SHIPPING address with the use of a credit card. Even when I order freaking pizza I'm asked for my zip when using my card. Are we dealing with first time workers?

So we lost a sale because someone provided the wrong info. And I'm sure the other worker, if any, did not correct them. UGH!
To the people who take our cats to and from Petsmart,
First off...yes, thank you for all the hard work. I enjoy being able to get online and see who has been adopted, and who is still there. Although, I could just stop by on my way from work...well...you know how that goes sometimes.
When you bring a cat back, I've asked and asked and ASKED you to GIVE ME THE NAME OF THE CAT AND WHY THEY ARE BEING BROUGHT BACK. Really, just a name, and a reason. On a sticky note if you wish...or any scrap of paper. You could even just drop it on my feed cart. Just a name and a reason, that is ALL I am asking. Two or three words.
One other BIG thing. As you can see, when you are here at the tiny shelter, I've got our most recent litter of kittens in what was our free range kitten room, and is now..well...whatever. May I ask that you use just a tiny bit of common sense AND NOT PUT THE CAT SUSPECTED OF RINGWORM IN THAT ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this time, I do NOT need six three to four week old kittens to lyme dip. Ok???? OH...and I put a list of instructions on how to set up a cage for a cat. ONE single layer of newspaper is all you need. These are not dogs, they don't poop and pee everywhere. For the most part, they use the litter box. They do not need an inch thick layer of paper to soak it all up. (ok...one does, but he has no control over his bowels, and will probably be put down) Not that I think that will do any good....but at times, we do run out of newspaper.

Ok to the guys,
As we trundle into winter, yes, the amount of cats eventually goes down. I have more time to do other things besides take care of way too many cats, and actually do other things. Like cleaning the lobby floor that hasn't been mopped since who knows when, cleaning the bathrooms that no one has cleaned since....well...I did swipe a cleaning cloth in the ladies room a time or two, but the mens room....nada. Even laundry, doing the surgery cages and just general stuff. I was just wondering...the next time someone gets all the dirty towels that you have all used in the kennels...could you, maybe, take those few extra steps and get them IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM, NOT JUST OUTSIDE THE DOOR???? I won't tax your very young muscles (I'm talking guys about twenty something) and ask you to actually put them IN the laundry baskets, not beside them. Frankly, I see not one reason in the world why I should put my near 60 year old self to the hassle of picking up that pile of wet towels and humping them into the laundry room. You guys want them washed? Put them into the laundry room...in fact, give me a shock....and put them into the empty basket.

And finally....new person....while I can understand the idea of wanting to look good at work, four inch spike heels? That might be nice for sitting at the desk, but just about anything else, not so great. Especially right after I've mopped said lobby floor. Now, if you simply MUST wear your best jeans and shirt, along with those stilleto heels, go for it. Just....don't whine if the cats snag your clothing, or if your shoes hurt your feet.

thanks...ever so

No, I'm not in a good mood

Get informed that, even if I work 66+ hours, I only get paid for 62 of them, (although boss DID say he would keep track and pay those hours when we had fewer cats, and thus fewer hours....we'll BOTH be keeping track) so, I'm not a happy camper right now. Because of this, certain things are sticking in my craw, and dancing on my last tired nerve.

Guys...if you can hump your laundry INTO the laundry room....why, may I ask, do you feel the need to dump it on the floor...next to the empty laundry basket????

Trash needs to be taken out. Trying to cram 15 pounds of trash into a five pound trash can doesn't work. Piling it up higher and higher...do you think that adds to the decor of the ladies bathroom to have your trash, leftover food and general gunk in there? Oh, and why, pray tell the LADIES bathroom? Why don't you pile it up in the mens bathroom? I mean....while I've not run a 'P' check, you ARE males, right? (and frankly, I don't want to run such a check, I'm old, I'm not interested, and I just want you guys to clean up after yourselves)

Lets face it, I've got 60+ cats, less than five hours to get them all fed, cages cleaned, other things done. You guys have fewer dogs than I have cats, and at least two of you to do the job. Since I seem to be the only one doing laundry, as well as trying to keep up with cat vaccinations, the cat files (which the front desk people tend to forget about, seeing as we had about ten files in there of cats that had been adopted, or died a month ago) I just don't have TIME to deal with your messes. All of you are adults, do your jobs.

Here's your badge

Working in a place that has few employees, well, most of the time, we get along, no real problems. The hassles are pretty much gone, except for the 'now and then' people we get.

Volunteers are our life blood at times. If they come in to work, and not socialize, but there are always those.
Person who takes our dogs to Petsmart, and assists our Vet...you are a VOLUNTEER. You do NOT get paid for what you do by either the Humane Society or the Vet. (good thing he's 'comfortably well off) This being said, you have not one thing to say about whether we can take in animals or not. Telling people you are part of the staff of our wee little shelter is a big fat lie, and telling them 'oh, we have PLENTY of room for your dogs/cats/rabbits/rats/ET's whatever is an even bigger one. Of course, you're never there when so and so comes in the door with cages and carriers, then tells us that 'well...your staff member at Petsmart said you had room' Who then gets the blame and the evil eye for telling said person we cannot take the animals? Not you, of course, but us. WE and the Humane society get the bad reviews, while you get the sympathy for having such 'uncaring coworkers'

Dear Vet,
While I appreciate the time, expense and hard work you put into becoming a Veterinarian, I cannot but help contrast you with our last Vet. She is a type A personality, list driven, goal orientated, thorough, more than a bit on the OCD side, but a HELL of a Vet and a great teacher. You are quite a bit more lackadaisical, you have no wish to teach and don't seem to care if we medicate the animals ourselves, instead of waiting for you to tell us what to give. Now...I don't mind giving the cats the regular de wormer, or the mild upper respiratory stuff. Kinda like getting over the counter stuff for my own colds. I will NOT give the stronger stuff. Sorry. Oh...and I know it is your job to check out any animals that might need to be checked, but I do insist on letting you KNOW why you are checking on them. After all, your usual 'diagnosis' seems to be 'dewormer' and keep checking. When I asked you to check on the pregnant cat, she had already been given the vaccinations and dewormer. She didn't need any more, and yes, I had already decided to give her the grain free. (Vet's other 'all cure' deworming and grain free food does not fix everything, sadly)

For the most part, volunteers and community service people find out, quickly (like the first few minutes) that helping out is not a matter of petting puppies and cuddling kittens. Those who cannot deal with it, don't come back.


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