Honorable Mikado of Nekosong (mikadosok) wrote in co_workers_suck,
Honorable Mikado of Nekosong

You are NOT going to like this

Desk lady
Your job is to update the information on the animals on shelter pro, vaccinations, adoptions, returns, deaths, ect. Once that info is updated, the card should then be put either in the box, the file, and/or file removed and placed into 'these animals are no longer in shelter' file. This is so that we can FIND the cards for when we need to give animals meds, boosters, make sure they have been vaccinated and move all 'adoptable' cards to the, well...adoptable file. As it is.....you've got cards, rabies certificates, peoples information (we get a copy of the drivers license now when they surrender or adopt an animal) all over the desk, along with your book, the remains of several lunches, half empty coffee cups and general junk.

what all this means is we cannot find the information we need. We cannot find cards for those animals who are going into surgery, which means, the vet won't do the surgery. It also means that we have people's personal information sitting out where anyone can just see it. How would YOU like it if your drivers license was on view for everyone to see?

I understand that having to (gasp, oh the horror of it) WORK is obviously such a horror to one who is so delicate and sensitive, but....guess what, it has to be done. I'm sure another sunday afternoon of you having to come in and spend HOURS trying to get everything done would be even worse. After all, you could spend an hour or so every day, and have the rest of the day for drinking coffee, eating, reading, talking to your bedmates and kids, and schmoozing with the boss.

I have heard that the boss you spend so much time flirting with might be leaving. Here's hoping our new boss is someone totally business oriented, not interested in you at all, except for your ability (if any) at working.
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