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[STICKIED] Community Question Post #51 - HERE, TRY THIS!

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theidolhands asks: Have you ever felt compelled or pressured to pick up a hobby or habit in order to fit in at work? Or did you resist doing so?

Either way, what was the outcome: regret, newfound passion, both?

Examples: tv show, sport, book, band, diet, crime, pyramid scheme, etc.

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I work in a nationwide fabrics/crafts store, and we're CONSTANTLY egging eachother into trying new products. I'm awful when it comes to the Cricut machine. I tell everyone to buy one and make cool stuff like I do. I'm always coming in with new shirts and hoodies done with the iron on vinyl, I've got vinyl decals on my car, I bring in my scrap album WIPs... "See, if you had one you could do this too!" So far I've made two converts. :D

Knitting and crocheting are the two everyone wants to learn, so we're trying to do some kind of stitch-n-bitch for employees once a month.

As for myself... just working every day surrounded by arts and crafts stuff has made me take on a thousand hobbies I wouldn't have otherwise. And Pinterest. FUCKING PINTEREST. I resisted as long as I could but now I've got 30 some odd boards and a shit-ton of followers...