Liz (awkward_as_heck) wrote in co_workers_suck,

*Throws up hands in frustration*

Dear Manager,

I get that you're trying to do a hard job with limited resources but come on.
-Stop scheduling the mini manipulator (seriously, he's in elementary school) with people he can manipulate. Also, whenever mini manipulator asks for something clear it with me or Minor Mansplainer. We've probably already told him no.

-The solution to a teacher leaving our in school programme shouldn't be send a one month intern there. Hire/Assign someone to do that job at least until the end of the school year.

-Ask yourself, when a known difficult student says he's 'scared of me' is he saying it because he's in fear of his life or because he doesn't like that I make him do work/think for himself.

-Related, concern yourself a little less with keeping the parents happy and a little more about what is best for the kids.

-Your *star* part timer is good but not that good. And seriously, five days a week? Why not hire actually skilled, experienced, qualified full timers!

-Related, Talk to me/other staff about stuff. Don't just reassign students. And seriously, taking a class away from me, with proper, structured learning goals and giving it to *star* part timer who does whatever comes to her head at the time because of a couple of teary kids (as in crying because kids cry, not because of a complaint) that's a load of crap.



Dear Minor Mansplainer,

Thanks for not standing up for me when Manager reassigned Known difficult kid away from me. I thought we were supposed to be working on that long term programme together.



Gutless Sexist Ass,

Whatever the hell it was, you hovering and 'explaining' everything when Minor Mansplainer was trying to train the new part timer, that was seriously weird and inappropriate.

Stop sticking your nose in,



No one likes you. No one has the slightest bit of interest in talking to you. Sitting in the front office and loudly clearing your throat trying desperately to get attention is not going to get you the attention you and your innie dick so desperately crave.

Also, I will call you out when you talk about inappropriate crap in the front office. You condescending at me when I make a perfectly reasonable point is only going to make you look worse.

Go rot,


(I am documenting all of Creeper's BS.)

I was talking to a friend the other day and she made a really good point about not investing too much emotionally in work. I need to step back and not get so involved with all the BS around work because I'm going to burn myself out. I'm certainly going to try because otherwise I think I'm fighting a fight I can't win.
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