cally7 (cally7) wrote in co_workers_suck,

Power Hungry or Power Shy? Please, Make Up Your Mind

I work with a generally brilliant team now, we got rid of the Manchild, the Blow-up Doll and the Lazy Git and things are pretty good. We all, more or less, pull our weight and enjoy working together. I have a friend who has trained for Duty Manager then found she couldn't handle the pressure, that's fair enough, except she did that in the previous incarnation of the place in exactly the same way. I call her a friend because she's generally lovely but recently she has become somewhat unbearable. I love her to bits but it's getting to a point where I'm going to have to tell her to calm down or something just so we can all work in peace.

We occasionally have a shake up in management for training purposes and we got a temp manager for a few months to see if the person placed with us could handle a larger shop on her own. I didn't have many problems with her but I could see how people would be singled out by her. My friend actually still did the occasional DM shift and would constantly complain about that to everyone except the manager, we in the end had to tell her that she had to talk to the person who can change things not us, we're all plebs and won't be able to do anything. Also now we have our Manager back she is like a cat that's got the cream, and she will not stop hanging off his arse and crawling around him. She flirts and simpers and it's a little disturbing, we all know nothing is happening but it's not pleasant to watch. It's not that she even fancies him, it's more like a bromance than anything else but one sided.

Even though she is just a CSA like the rest of us she is constantly bossing us about and gets really snotty when she tries telling people what to do and I, or our mutual friend, tell her she's not right. Especially in the café part. I had to give up the café because I have tendonitis and it involves a lot more walking than any other position even though I generally enjoyed it. Any time she starts telling people something completely wrong (I still cover the café sometimes and read up no the information required) I pipe up and intercept her with correct information, I feel like it's a competition sometimes, well, on her side anyway. I was very good at the café, she keeps forgetting I'm still pretty damned good.

I don't know why she has changed, well this much, it's like she's trying hard at something, none of us has a clue what though. Ugh, I'm just having a whinge but I think things will have to come to a head before she realises what she's doing, even though at least three of us have mentioned it to her. Obliquely, maybe but it has been mentioned.
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