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    Wednesday, July 16th, 2014
    4:07 pm
    Sales Manager
    Our office is pretty small. It consists of 2 front office staff (me and another girl), the broker (bossman!) and 2 sales managers. And then agents who are in and out throughout the day. Well, the broker and the responsible sales manager are out of town this week.

    So I'm left with the irresponsible sales manager. Well I guess he just realized it's Wednesday and he hasn't actually done that much work this week, so he decided to do some. And by work, I mean making me do shit for him.

    Irresponsible Sales Manager: "I need you to send out another one of those things."
    Me: "O....kay..."
    ISM: "..."
    M: "..."
    ISM: "You know, like you used to send out."
    M: "Okay. I'm going to need more information than that."
    ISM: "I'm doing another one of those new agent classes. The Lunch-and-Learns."
    M: "Oh! When?"
    ISM: "Right now."
    M: "No... when is the class?"
    ISM: "Oh. The 31st. 12-2. I'll make the flyer."
    M: "Great. Thank you."

    I'm going to need alcohol after today.
    Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
    12:30 pm
    It's not paranoia if you know they are out to get you.
    So I'm at my wits end here at work. I'm the Duty Manager of a small pub, and I'd posted about the General Manager before on here. The shit hit the fan last week though, and the GM was fired by the director of the company who owns the pub. He's not taken it well.

    Basically for whatever reason, the ex-GM blames me for his dismissal, but I had nothing to do with it. Complaints were made by other members of staff, but not by me. So he is on a mission to make things miserable for me. He's calling me all kinds of names to mutual friends, which I could deal with, but he's also sending emails to the director claiming I do things like use Facebook at work so I should be punished the same as him. Luckily the director knows the things he's saying aren't true, but through these emails it's emerged someone who works here still is feeding him information.

    So my head is in a total mess. I'm terrified someone is watching me and the first time I slip up its going to get back to the ex-GM and he's going to try and get me fired. I'm now looking at all staff with suspicion, and on top of this I have to work loads of extra hours to cover things, and I'm making myself ill. Not sure I can take this all much longer :(
    Friday, July 4th, 2014
    12:15 am
    Catty co-workers.
    Dear Co-workers,

    Next time you decide to talk smack on myself, another co-worker, or a customer...remember...sound travels. Especially, since none of you seem to be aware of how loud you speak.

    Next time you decide to sarcastically mimic how I greet a customer...SOUND TRAVELS.

    Volume control is your friend.
    Friday, June 27th, 2014
    5:46 pm
    Cleaning is everyone's job, not just the tired cat tech
    OK guys, we've been through this before. It has been gone over (and over and OVER) in meetings. The kennel director has stated it. We even HIRED another person so someone would be available to do this.

    It is called cleaning the lobby. This is very simple. First, you sweep and mop out the Veterinarians office. Then the directors. Behind the counter also needs a sweep and mop. The area where the time clock is, since it tends to get muddy pawprints and everything else. THEN the bathrooms. Yes, you DO have to sweep and mop the ladies bathroom AND the mens bathroom. No you won't get cooties doing this. You are just sweeping and mopping. We could ask you to clean the sinks and toilets. I do that every single sunday. Needs to be done every other day.

    Once those areas are done, you sweep and mop the main lobby. Please don't sweep and mop where I have NOT fed cats. If I am not done, wait. Sweep UNDER cages, behind them, up next to them. Try to get the cat litter, cat food and such that is spilled on the ground. It is called 'sweep with an attitude' At least try to make it a decent one.

    Ok, now...guys, most of you are full time. This means you have breaks and lunch. I don't. I don't go into the new breakroom, so I see not one reason that I should have to go out there to sweep and take out your trash. Kindly keep the new breakroom looking slightly civilized. I'm not going to do it for you. I have more than enough to do with two rooms full of kittens and the lobby cats.

    Yes, during the winter, when the cat population is lower, I DO take care of the lobby and offices. I like to get hours in, so sweeping and mopping is a good thing. However, when I have to take five or more hours just to get all three rooms of cats fed, then I still have to do dishes and my ISO floor...enough is enough.

    Thank you, as if any of them would even read this.
    Monday, June 23rd, 2014
    5:06 pm
    Really? REALLY?!
    A couple months back, towards the end of April, I started making plans to go to a convention. I'd have to take a couple days off, so, being a responsible employee, I asked around for people to cover my shifts. My co-worker C said that she could cover for me one of the days, we both signed the logbook where such things are noted down. All good. I completed my preparations, including paying for everything, and allow myself to start getting geeked up, because everything's all arranged! I'm good to go! Woohoo!

    Yeah, no.

    Of course not.Collapse )
    Friday, June 20th, 2014
    7:33 pm
    Aaaaand it gets worse
    Remember the coworker from here:

    Well, everyone is sick and fed up of her now. From day 1 more-or-less she has been a lazy good-for-nothing. She doesn't want to work and just potters about on the shop floor. She doesn't crack a smile and she's rude to customers (not overly, just... blunt I guess, and her voice is monotone, there's no friendliness there). Yet she will always swoop in and take people's sales and will pretend she knows everything about anything, which is where the previous suck comes in.

    Today really took the piss.

    There was three of us on and the whole garden centre was dead (our shop is in the garden centre). Coworker in question was moaning that there was nothing to do, but me and another coworker managed to find jobs to do. She complained that she was bored, so I suggested that she put size cubes on all the clothes that had got missing cubes. But she said no. Instead, she sat behind the till on a stool texting, even though she's been warned not to have her phone on the shop floor.

    Then, a supervisor came over and coworker moaned to her that she was bored, so the supervisor got annoyed and told her to just go home if she can't be bothered (but in nicer terms; it was so obvious that she was annoyed though!) and coworker told her that if she goes home, she'll lose pay so she might as well just stay.

    Honestly, there is SO much wrong with this woman and her attitude. I'm VERY surprised she's lasted this long without getting fired. But you know what? I'm past bloody caring now, and am seriously consider complaining. Because there are SO many people out there who'd LOVE the chance of a job.
    Sunday, June 15th, 2014
    2:11 pm
    You're fired! Except you quit months ago!
    I worked in a restaurant for five days during the New Year's rush.
    I'd worked at a place near it before for maybe a year, and the boss there recommended me to the new place.
    So I quit at the end of the rush (as per our initial agreement),
    and the bosslady asks me if I can work during the spring rush.
    I explain that I'm moving out of state (prefecture) for university, and
    I probably don't have those days off, but (knowing how bad the rushes get,
    since it's a tourist spot) I told her maaaaaaybe I could work but she shouldn't count on it.

    Apparently she wasn't listening. Cue three months later, a week before the spring rush.
    I get a phone call, and bosslady's like "You're working next week."
    What? I never said I could work, and I don't have those days off.
    I apologize, tell her I have CLASSES those days, and that I can't work. Not to mention I can't physically walk. I thought she'd understand.
    Bosslady: "Well, I already scheduled you! What do you want me to do about it? You have to find yourself a replacement in three days, or I'm never hiring you again. Got it?"
    Tbh I didn't want to deal with her, so I agreed and hung up.
    But I didn't look for a replacement because all my friends are in a different prefecture (the one I'm living in now), as am I. I did call back though.
    The restaurant is near my parent's house and the stores there are a really tight community,
    so I probably can't work at any of those places anymore.
    My sister probably can't either, not that she's the type of girl to go arm-deep in lobster water.

    EDIT: Maybe the "can't walk" thing is pretty irrelevant because I couldn't when I was working there either.
    12:08 am
    Wow. Humiliated.
    At work today I felt really small.

    I was serving a man. He'd bought a pair of trousers and two jumpers. The trousers didn't have the tag on. When this happens, we check the label on the garment. There's a code there. You put that in, then the colour, and lastly, the size. Easy right? Yep. Only this one coworker came waltzing over to the till, took the trousers off me and put the code in herself, taking over the entire transaction, even though I had already started it, and leaving me to bag up like a total fool. Then she said I wasn't bagging right and told me the 'correct' way to bag. I was feeling myself go redder and redder.

    After we'd finished and the man left I guess I let my frustration show because I glared at her and she just said, "Well it looked like you needed help."

    Fuck off. If I need help, I'll bloody well ask for help. It wasn't your place to just take over and make me look like I didn't know what I was doing.

    Just to add: The store is relatively new. Both me and the coworker were both hired before the store opened, and worked our first day together, so it's not even like she's been there longer than me and thinks she knows better. So that, to me, just makes it worse.
    Saturday, April 21st, 2012
    6:00 pm
    This is pretty long and rambling
    For the most part, I liked my current work place. Even with the occasional dickhead customer (I don't think any job where you deal with the general public is free of these, and it is only a temporary problem), the commute is less than fifteen minutes, the hours are fantastic, and it's in an area where there are a lot of smaller businesses/restaurants/things to do on your break other than twiddle your thumbs in the break room. However, I am at the point where I outright told my store manager: "I do not like working here. Can you please transfer me to a different store/department?" after working here for a year and a half. In the span of four months, I have gotten to the point where I come into work with stress/anxiety-induced nausea almost every day. The causes of this is mostly two different co-workers, though the majority of it/the highest concentrated stress is geared towards one of these people.

    Let's start with the lesser of two evils, my manager. I am a pretty laid back person, and even with her faults, it took me a year to really feel any dislike towards her. She's sweet and all, but she's very, very inexperienced, and not only does it show, but she is pretty self-aware of it and defensive because she knows what most of the people in our department know: if she doesn't take care, she could lose a position she actually did work hard for. Besides this, the only two things that really get me about her is how quick she is to put people in the department out to dry, especially when they're not there, and her coldness to any person that comes to the store, whether they be a new hire or a transfer. At one point she refused to give a transfer a requested day off so she could go to take care of her ill granddaughter for her once a month series of hospital tests (I was actually pretty taken aback by how heartless this was), and her current habit of constantly berating a new hire/calling her inept because the manager did not train her. In addition, the new hire was severely burned her second week on the job due to her lack of training, but that's probably another story altogether.

    The person I would like to focus on, however, has managed to accomplish something in the four months she's been here, (at least) twice over that my manager did. Let's call her "the Witch." A year ago, the witch was a manager at her own store. However, it was discovered she messed with a lot of paperwork (which resulted in thousands of dollars, at least, in company losses), and she was about to be terminated, but she fought it and used her time with the company as leverage. She was allowed to stay employed, under the condition she would remain a regular clerk with no advancement to manager. In the beginning, as in, when I started working with her, there were a lot of little things. Even though I told her I had been with the company for five years, she spoke to me/asked me repeatedly questions that implied I had only been there for a few months. She would literally putter about the salesfloor doing nothing while I was still helping customers by myself while trying to finish work I was supposed to do, and then would act surprised if I did not get lunch on time or had to work overtime. If I were doing something and walked away from it for five seconds, she would come by, take it upon herself to fix things as she saw fit, proceed to "lecture" me, and then leave me to fix up the mess of whatever project I was doing. If I asked another employee if they could do something, or if they asked for advice on something and I gave it to them, she would tell them not to do it/go against what I said. She would also compliment other coworkers on doing half-assed jobs and then would have the nerve to ask me "why [I] was taking so long" to do the exact same project the thorough job. She would also complain about me not going to lunch earlier (because I did not have things yet completed), because she did not want to be called up front to help customers while I was on lunch. I did not say anything to anyone about any of this for the first three months. At most, I would ignore her when she started complaining that the understaffed morning crew couldn't do a job that was not mandatory because it inconvenienced her. I did not complain whenever she proved to be a giant hypocrite - a big example is she told our store manager that nobody in the department knew safety/sanitation protocols for our audits, when surprisingly enough, after I gave the newer employees a brief lesson on what to do/not to do hours before our first big safety audit, //she// was the one who gave our department its only large ding by doing something so fucking simple: Leaving knives out in the open, dirty knives out in the open. Silly me, I actually thought The Witch was so hard on me because she assumed, that with my years with the company, I should have known better. The thing is, I was instructed on all of the new/edited protocols when it came to safety and service. Not being an actual clerk or four-five years prior, she practiced a lot of things that had been changed over the years, half of these were changed due to things like safety, sanitation, cross-contamination issues and changes in equipment/chemicals we used.

    All of this, however, has gotten unbearable for me about a week or two ago. She went from just being sort of obnoxious to, well, witch. Hell, I would even say she is making an effort to bully me, though that sounds a little extreme, and what prompted this was I actually stopped being so passive and corrected her.

    There is a huge, huge racing event. Friday is the first day, admission is free, so it is twice as busy - or should I say, it should have been. The thing is, there was heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. Not only was the race cancelled, but nobody wanted to go outside. Furthermore, while our department is staffed by 3-4 people at any given time, we had seven people there, and it was dead. The first thing I was going to do was refill our sandwich bar before the rain possibly cleared and we were rushed with people. First off, there was no meat, and what meat was there actually should have been pulled the day before, or the day before that (if I hadn't been off the day before, I would have done something), so after cutting/weighing the main meats we use for sandwiches, I looked towards the new schematic to see where everything was. Nothing was right. The Witch, I also noticed, had a bad habit of throwing shit //wherever//. Usually, someone would fix it, and not wound her pride or whatever by telling her, and this is what I began to do. Even though it was noon, I only ha a quarter of the sandwich counter closed off to stack supplies to refill it. I would get one customer, maybe, every half hour. I would help them, actually be even more helpful than usual and apologize for the empty state of the sandwich bar (by telling them that even though the sandwich bar was being cleaned, I could, and did, get them any ingredient fresh), and they would be on their way. The most customers we had were two, and someone else in addition to myself helped them. At some point I had to get one of these customers a cheese we do not normally carry in that area, but do carry in the meat/cheese case. The Witch passed by, looked at the case, looked at the containers that still had not been reassembled into the case and/or refresh, and proceeded to storm up and slam them wherever they fit, bitching the entire time, with my customer there and while I was making them their sandwich.

    She proceeded to tell me off for picking an inconvenient time to do this, that not only was I taking over most of the cutting boards it was a supposed cross contamination issue and that I was doing everything wrong and just on and on. Once I was finished with my customer, I had had enough. I told her that I was redoing the case because it was all //wrong//, she was impeding my progress, she did not need to be there, and if she wanted to talk about inconvenience and cross-contamination, I finally noted a major peeve of mine where she will take all of the cutting boards off, during lunch hours, to bleach, leaving us to work on the metal counters beneath (which is a big no, since the stuff we use to clean those can get people sick). I also brought up that she had to follow the schematic at all times, since corporate can and does come on days like this to check, that it is helpful to everyone else working here because they will know where everything is, and that it doesn't look unappetizing. I also told her she could go back to "whatever it was" she was doing, that I had it.

    I came in two days later, and it was completely destroyed/disorganized. I actually took two hours I did not have to fix it again, went through it with my manager, and was complimented by the store manager on how nice/full it looked. She came in later that day, and the next morning, when I came in, it was messed up again. But this was just the beginning. Pretty much, since then, not only is this a recurring incident on days she's here, but everything I've mentioned has been done twice as much. It just comes off as completely unwarranted and condescending, and I've had it to the point that I told my store manager I wanted out, at least temporarily. But what else do I do? I feel it would look bad/like I was snitching if I told my department manager or my store manager about her behavior, and I don't feel like I can really confide in any of the clerks in the department because she's nice and has good relationships with all of them.

    What makes it worse is that whenever she closes she proceeds to lecture me on having to stay later than my schedule indicates to make her job easier. I save a the last of my cleaning until the very end, and usually leave clean dishes to dry. She kept on rambling about how it gets so hard at night and she shouldn't have to do it. She does not tell any other opener this, and allows them to not clean dishes at all. Not only that, but I closed exclusively for two years and would have killed for anyone I worked with to even do what I do. What she claims I need to do is customary, and as I've always been told in my five years working here, you finish what you can and leave when you're scheduled. I'm not even going to mention she shit she's //not// done for the closers while a midshift, or for the morning crews as a closer/midshift, because she claims she was just so overwhelmed and needed to go home on time.
    Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
    9:36 pm
    Pompous colleague
    I've been patient and tolerant, but obviously this big hypocrite in my office only knows how to dish out empty philosophies and tell people what to do, shooting them down when they are about to achieve something. When he comes back, I'm putting my foot down and I'm gonna say what I want to say to him. Since he's such a big man, he can take the criticisms and I'm going to put my bullshit filter on, so if he starts on his home spun philosophy , he can shove it right back up his kaboose.

    Age does not determine people's intelligence or maturity, but having been asked that question by someone two years my senior, that seems to be a big, FUCKING, DEAL.

    ...Thank you Anger Central, I've vented my frustrations out and I'm going to follow through with my solution in a rational with no long-winded bullshit. Thank you very much and good luck with the job search!
    Saturday, November 23rd, 2013
    9:05 pm
    EDIT: Wow this entry is old. I didnt expect this to be posted! I no longer work at the department store, as I managed to get the heck out and find something way better as of January.

    I work in a department store.

    I feel anger.

    This got long, sorry.

    Store Manager WoesCollapse )

    Loss Prevention WoesCollapse )

    I like my job, but jesus christ.
    Friday, January 3rd, 2014
    8:21 am
    Really? You're taking a nap? Now? At 4pm? When just yesterday you were off?!! Oh so you're tired from literally doing nothing.. And because today you're doing the full day shift..
    Well guess what? I had to do 2 days of full day shift and had to come in the morning on the 3rd day, do you see me taking a fuckin nap?!

    Posted via

    Saturday, June 14th, 2014
    12:18 am
    There's this supervisor. They were short-staffed at another branch so she went there for a few weeks.

    This next bit all happened when I wasn't here.

    My boss and another coworker noticed that someone else had logged on to her username because when my boss was on her account, someone else was trying to click on to the rotas (the computers are all connected and you can actually see the cursor move and everything, even if they are in another branch). My boss tried to stop it, but then decided to see what was going on, so she left it. Turns out that this supervisor was adding hours and hours of overtime that she hadn't worked to her own timesheet! And when I say hours, I mean lots of hours!)

    1) It's against company policy to log on to someone else's username.
    2) It's FRAUD.

    It's illegal and it's gross misconduct. But guess what guys? She got away with it, and now she's coming back to our shop.

    WTF. How do these people get away with this shit?!
    Friday, June 13th, 2014
    2:20 am
    Idiot Receptionist has now become Childish receptionist.
    You may remember my post several weeks ago about the idiot receptionist at the ER vet I work that thought it was a good idea to call the owner of a DOA dog, tell her the dog was still alive and to get here right away, then tell her the dog was dead when she showed up? Well, she's still an idiot with a healthy dose of middle school mentality mixed in.
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    Monday, June 9th, 2014
    5:20 pm
    Thanks. Thanks so much.

    I'm really pissed off at my manager right now. I'm duty manager at a pub, he's general manager.

    Anyway, this year the Tour de France cycle race is having a stage in North Yorkshire, England. My town isn't on the course but it's close. Accommodation has been fully booked up for 6 months now, it's going to be heaving.

    Well, despite the "No one gets these dates off!!" written in big letters in the holiday diary, guess who has booked those days off? Hint: Yep, the GM. There has to be a manager on duty at all times, which means I'm working all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the busiest weekend we are probably going to have all summer. That's three 14 hour shifts. I knew about this a few weeks ago, and was already unhappy, but today he announced he wasn't travelling back til the Sunday morning, so I have to work half of the Sunday too.

    He doesn't see why I'm upset...

    Thursday, June 5th, 2014
    5:54 pm
    To my coworkers:

    I get it. the office is boring and sometimes it's funny to play pranks on people. I can handle it in moderation. it's fun when I'm in a good mood.

    but I am not in a good mood. I am stressed out and have been withdrawn thanks to life outside of work. so using canned air to spook me and blow air directly into my EAR four fucking times is aggravating especially when I tell you to stop. It's also a health risk.

    And the fourth time when I yelled at you to cut it out, you told me to chill out. Gee, I'm on my lunch break and you scare me to the point of a near panic attack, 4 times. do you really expect me to be cheery after that? use your goddamn head.
    Thursday, May 29th, 2014
    2:10 pm
    Ettequette Question

    Just curious;

    I'm getting a vibe one of my co-workers either thinks I'm misusing them, or there's a case of over-sensitivity going on here.

    I can totally see their point of view, but if it had happened to me I would have had a completely different reaction, so I wonder if you lovely folks can lend me your perspective.

    Read more...Collapse )

    Edited to make co-worker's gender ambiguous.

    (Maybe I'll bring in donuts for everyone tomorrow to show them random food deliveries are AWESOME!)

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Monday, May 19th, 2014
    1:21 am
    Bad Receptionists
    So It's been awhile since I've posted, and I've posted about this same girl before. Quick summary; I work at a veterinary emergency hospital where I am a tech and she is a receptionist. She got married in October, for a couple months before that she was almost unbearable. Read more...Collapse )
    Thursday, May 15th, 2014
    12:42 am
    I understand that I am a fast food manager, and that I am going to get the teenagers who ...well, are teenagers. But I swear to whatever deity you believe in, the latest group of teenagers that we've gotten in is just...BAD.

    They just cannot think for themselves.
    All I wanna do is eat your brains, cause they're not being used for anything elseCollapse )
    Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
    5:36 pm
    Kennels and people who work in them. Or have been hired to....but didn't show up
    Ok, so this might sound a little, well...OCDish in a way. Probably is. My start time, for kennel work is 8am. Every single day. Seven days a week, yes, that includes Sunday, our one day we are closed. Even that day, I get there, a few moments before 8am, unlock the door (yep, got a key) then let Stubby out (shelter dog) make sure he has his meds, is fed, watered, let out. I then start my day. guys who are back in the kennel with the dogs. What makes you think strolling in at ten am, or later is ok? We are in the business of taking care of animals. Who like to be fed. Preferably about the same time every single day. You guys work, maybe one sunday out of three. I think you can get up and get here at the right time.
    If you are ON the schedule, please at least TRY to show up. We all have the phone numbers to call. No, it's not the shelter number. No one answers that until the ladies who work the front desk show up. If it IS on a sunday, nope, ain't gonna be answered. Make SURE you have the assistant directors number. Call HIM. Our director is through with people playing the 'but I called the front desk' game. You call her assistant, or her. Preferably her assistant, since, well, he lives right out back. I only hope you have a better excuse than some of the others.
    While you are here, at work, could you do that? Yes, I know, it is early, everyone is tired, sleepy or whatever. Still, I don't need people hanging around the front, bothering the parrot, drinking coffee or generally being in my way. I've a full room of cats to feed, clean cages and litter boxes for, and get things done. Oh, and do you REALLY NEED to spend half an hour in the bathroom at a time?
    To our new hires. Yes, there is a LOT of work to be done. Along with feeding the dogs, you need to clean the kennels (lots of poop there) scrub things down, help with laundry, dishes, meds and making sure dogs are in the right kennel. Standing around playing with your cell phone is not getting those things done. I hope we don't need to pass a 'no cell phones in kennel' rule. We are all adults here, please act like it.

    Oh....I don't care if you like cats or not. I do, I work with them, and this time I don't need help. But, you CAN sweep and mop the lobby, Vet office, Director office, behind the counter and bathrooms if you're looking for something to do. Make sure to pull the parrots cage out and sweep under there, cause that is one messy bird.
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