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Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: Can you recall a time that a co-worker really ticked you off or rubbed you the wrong way and you came to forgive them? Why?

Feel free to include stories where you either did or did not come to regret that choice.
MJ - mayor
27th-Jul-2015 01:17 pm - Short, but not sweet
Dear Duty Manager of Our Other Site

You want me to work shifts at your site as well as my normal shifts at my own site? Work 12+ hour days, 7 days a week for at least 2 weeks (Not forgetting the 20 mile round trip I'd be doing to get there)? Because "You don't feel like covering an emergency"?

Go boil your head.


(P.S. We are both Duty Managers at different sites. You do not outrank me in any way, shape or form.
cat ninja
Dear co workers at tiny humane society,
Guys...I know. We are short handed. I'm doing what I can, taking care of 50+ cats, rats, a bunny and babies (one of whom is gonna look like Mama...oh they are CUTE) Now, since our darling board of directors has stated that 'we must all cut time and hours' that does mean I'm TRYING to get out of there by my stated time. That means, I have NO time to be cleaning the lobby, offices, bathrooms and such. So...if I tell a community service worker to do such...don't be telling him/her to go do something else. Oh...and if they are doing laundry...they can also be cleaning the lobby and such. What? you want them to sit there and WATCH the washer and dryer? They can do their own job, they don't need supervision. Multitasking people....we can do it.

Dear new coworkers at other job,
I'm new, deal with it. I don't know everydamnthing you do. Oh...and I'm old. (ok...late fifties) Since I've basically been working there, maybe two weeks, yes, it does take people a while to learn everything. There will be mistakes, I'm trying to not make the same ones. Of course, if the charts were a little lower, maybe people could READ them easier? (managers, take note, not everyone is super tall)
Oh, and while I will do my damndest to get things done, keep things clean and such...if I'm supposed to leave at xx time...I'm gonna leave at that time. I have to get home, shower, get a couple hours sleep and go to other job. Believe me...if I didn't have massive bills to pay (emergencies) I would have ONE job. I'm not gonna kill myself...(and scheduler take note...I don't want to be working seven days at BOTH jobs.)
21st-Jul-2015 12:48 pm - Telephone...
Listen up, coworker! The shop's landline is not for your personal use. If you have some business not work related please give your own personal number just in case when someone needs to reach you on that non work related matter when you're not in. Like today some ass called in over and over again for you and even though I said 'no, she's not in today'that dude kept calling.
This is a damn workplace and I got work to do instead of picking up the damn phone!

One more thing. If you have the need to change the working schedule it wouldn't kill you to let me know

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Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: Who is the weirdest person you've ever worked with?

What made them appear so quirky?
IH - space
Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: Have you ever been the sucky co-worker/boss? What did you did you do that sucked? Did you stop? Why? #RepentEbenezer!
Hand - ☞
8th-Jul-2015 06:22 am - This seems to be a new theme
Dear, now ex coworkers
You know, giving us a bit of warning that you're going to walk out would have been kinda nice. I mean...the job here is to take care of the animals. Yes, it's an everydamnday thing. Take dogs out of kennels, scoop up the poop, wash down the kennels, dry, set up, put dogs back in. Go back, feed and water dogs. Go back and medicate dogs. (and often, we want some of Stubby's prozac for US)
I know how you feel, I do the same thing every day myself. Clean cat cages, scoop cat litter (ok...one plus of cats, usually they USE the cat litter boxes....but you've all seen Bear overturn HIS litter box, and Preston....and a few others) Feed, medicate, wash dishes, wash cat litter pans, sweep, mop, scrub out empty cages, help with laundry, medicate cats, bandage cuts, scrapes, slashes and bites if needed.
Walking out (or just not coming in) means one less person to deal with all those dogs back there. Now, that could mean that I lose my helper. Not too bad a thing, I've a few less cats, and things are caught up well enough that I won't have problems finishing within the time specified. Now that my helper is trained, I can do my job with a lighter heart, knowing that should I take a day off (waits for collective faint to recover) I have someone who knows how to deal with the little beasts.
Walking out on any job isn't good. Walking out on one where you have living, breathing animals to take care of....worse. Besides...the shelter isn't closing...we hope and pray it isn't. But, as our former director did say...even if it DOES close (and hopefully our Board will decide to get their collective heads out of their asses) it will take six months to get everything closed down, so we'd all have that much time to find something else.
Yes, I DO understand that this job is not for everyone. Most people are either too soft hearted to deal with the problems of a shelter (wanting to save EVERY animal...you can't) wanting to take every animal home (can we say Hoarders?) or not being able to deal with the inevitable dead animals (walking in three days in a row to find dead kittens....shudders)(well, at least this year, so far, none of the mama cats have EATEN their kittens...knocks on wood) So, I can understand not wanting to come in day after day to deal with it all. Still a couple of days notice to let us know you weren't going to come in, so the schedule could have been fixed (again)
Oh yes, desk ladies...I know, you are dealing with Rescue Waggin (and anyone who wants to see what that is, check on You Tube for Petsmarts Rescue Waggin, Tales from the Road...and have kleenex hand) as well as all the dog stuff, and all the crap the board has laid on you, along with fewer hours. Can you at least TRY to pull files on the cats when they've been adopted or sent to Petsmart? Pretty please????? Ok...I'll pull the files, you teach me how to do the data entry for cats. I don't think we need to be going through the files and find cats or kittens who've been gone for a month or more.

Thanks ever so
Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: Can you recall a time that someone dressed truly unprofessionally or outlandish? What was done? What's the dress code at your place of work?
Hatter - Little Alice
2nd-Jul-2015 07:58 pm - Fairy Fluffy Bunny
I've worked at the same site for 6 years, nearly, and in that time I've written about crappy management and cliques and clueless toenails who have no idea what manners are. All have been ranted over and frustrated with and generally whinged about, they passed as did the companies.

Now we have Fairy Fluffy Bunny. This new company is still a petrol station and runs a coffee bar with limited hot snacks and heatable sandwiches, it also has a little bakery that is attached that has pastries, fresh baked loaves, rolls etc., it's hard work but very much more satisfying than it was in its previous incarnations. I was trained with two other women before the opening and we know what we're doing, for the most part, in most situations, kinda. We have made it clear that we need everyone trained in the coffee bar because when the person running the bar is on a break they rarely get that break because no other fucker knows how to press a bloody button for a coffee and their heads explode when it's a more complicated order.

Well, Ms Fluffy Bunny joined us about a month ago, very confident, very overly made-up, very inappropriately dressed. We have a strict dress code and leggings (yoga pants in the US) have no part in it. She wears nail varnish, completely against the code, she has her hair down most of the time, also against code. Within 24 hours of her starting she makes noises about the coffee bar and how she would really like to be trained in it. Sure, why not? All hands help in my book. She only wanted to do it because it looked comparatively glamorous.

We had someone visiting from another shop to be trained in the new set-up which is great as I knew this person and she doesn't take a scrap of crap. We got on with the training and Ms Fluffy Bunny joined us and sneakily managed to avoid EVERY bit of washing up and cleaning at every turn. Then she whines about how nice the food is and why can't she try it? What do you mean you have to throw it away because it's been out too long? I could eat it, no one would know! Can't you sample out something I like? I don't like this and I don't like that, sample out some doughnuts! By the end of my shift I was so ready to smack the little brat. So was the wonderful woman I was training.

And she lies. I really hate liars. When she was hired she told them she couldn't do evenings and she couldn't do weekends because she was caring for her ... now some people say grandfather others say aunt, we aren't sure as she tries to keep her stories straight with the people she talks to. Well either way her relative is being treated for cancer and she cares for this person at all the convenient hours she needs. The odd thing about that is one of her best buddies works with us too, she says it's all bollocks.

Then when I was on holiday she and several others got some training in coffee making that completely changed the way it's supposed to be done, which would be fine if we had the staff and time but we don't. However that doesn't stop her telling me how every coffee just has to be done, it has to be done like this because this man said so, it has to be done that way, you really have to do it like that the man said so, yes there is a queue but it has to be done that way. Yeah, right, when the managers turn to me and tell me to do it the quick way then I'll listen to them. Oh look, they did. I've been trained by six different people six different ways and in the end they all said that as long as you follow the planograms you can do what the hell you like.

She can't stay on the till for more than five minutes without asking me to cover her, today got to the point of me having to tell her straight that there are two other people to cover her till if she needs something but I have baking to do and no one else there is going to do it for me so I do not have time. She gets upset telling me that she has to cover when she is covering the coffee bar, and I have to state once more that there are other people to call for help. I'm doing stuff as I'm telling her so she can see I am not palming her off but she is so unhappy about it.

On top of all this she floats about sighing and huffing when she's putting delivery out and she keeps telling people how to do their jobs when she has been here the least time amongst us. We are heartily sick of her, well most of us, she has a couple of people who thinks the sun shines out of her arse, thankfully no one in management though.

I know this is a jumble but todays latest demands from her just got to me. Thank you for your patience.
Dear co worker, who also happens to be sorta/kinda the boss, until/if we ever get another director.
When I say I need cat litter, I'm not whistling Dixie. I've told you several times that I can easily go through 3 to 4 bags PER WEEK with the amount of cats we've got in right now. Asking me if a couple of bags is enough with get a resounding NO.

Other co worker. I understand that you are, in fact, being trained as desk person, as well as having been trained as my relief worker, should I not be there for whatever reason there might be. While you are NOT fully trained as cat person...you are, at least, able to do the job mostly up to my standards. I do have a few gripes with you.

Cat meds. Yes, they needs them, if prescribed. In most cases....dropping some eye meds or ear meds is super easy. Hold cat (or kitten) drop meds into appropriate place on cat, hold cats head for a few seconds to let meds work, place cat (or kitten) back into cleaned cage. Pills....open mouth, insert pill. Use pill popper if you don't think you can get pill down throat. (the cats throat...not yours) Yes, I know, I make that look SO easy. Open cats mouth, stick pill down throat with finger. Avoid getting bitten or scratched....sometimes. It takes practice, so I though I would, well...LET you practice. You didn't want to...oh well. Right now, we've got very few cats or kittens ON meds. However....I've had well over half the shelter cats on meds at one time. Be nice if you did now how to give them. (and yes, you may use the pill popper...even the VET used it)

All other co workers...yes, as a matter of fact I DO know it's a bad time. We lost our director AND our Vet. We might be losing even more people if things don't get better. In the meantime....lose the darned drama. We've all got problems, most of us are looking for, if not another job entirely, then, certainly another part time job to get some extra cash. I'm not gonna hang around the desk whining over how hard it is to find another part time job. Nope. Gonna do my job, go home, get online and flood all those jobsite places with applications and my resume. I've already got a line on at least one job. Ideally...I want to pick my next job, so I get the hours and pay I would like. We can do this...keep the shelter open, keep our animals healthy, AND do our own thing.
Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: What is something odd or inappropriate that your co-worker/boss has brought to work?

Did it change work dynamics?

Ever reported something to try to get it removed? Did it work?
IH - space
25th-Jun-2015 06:06 pm(no subject)
Just posting this here because no co-workers are on LJ. I am so tired of bringing issues to a Supervisor at work and being told "Well that will eventually get caught in reports." Hello idiot I just pointed it out to you now why not fix it before the "reports" fix it. I would fix it myself but I have been told on numerous occassions not to fix it to let a supervisor do it. UGGGGH talk about lazy.
24th-Jun-2015 02:59 pm - A+ Parenting
I had to grab a file from the back office that's used as a semi-storage, sometimes conference room. The lights were off, but that's not uncommon because no one uses that room asides from file storage. I turned on the lights and there's one of my co-workers friggin' kid sleeping on the floor of the room and getting grumpy that I woke her up. Oh my gosh, 1) the floor is filthy 2) don't bring your kid into the office for them to lay around on the floor 3) don't get grumpy at me for disturbing your nap when you're napping in a public place. After I informed said co-worker about her spawn making a bed out of the office floor and how I can't get into the room because 1) darkness and 2) the kid had partially blocked the door with something, she just LOLed like "kids will be kids". But, hey, why should I be surprised. This is the same co-worker that asked me discipline her kids if they ever bother me at work.
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