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Feb. 9th, 2016

Hey management,

Remember that you complained about me taking too much time off due to doctors appointments, an actual time off request, parent-teacher meeting, and child getting sick? Remember you told me I needed to "make up hours" by staying late or "finding others" to watch the kid when they are sick or to attend school-related activities for me? Yeah. You've been routinely late for weeks now. Know what would help make up those hours? Being on time or early! That would be great.


Second dose of aspirin, anyone?

Recap: On Mondays-Thursdays (barring holidays where school is cancelled and also snow days), I work at the school as a reader/scribe for a blind student. Not only that, but I'm her assistant with co-op (she has to make 160 before the end of April, and so far, that's like pulling teeth).

Story: The reason I say Mondays-Thursdays is because Fridays-Sundays are MY days off (unless one counts helping my boyfriend on Saturdays, working at the dollar store certain nights, and even church). But one thing that really irritates me? Calling me off-the clock on a SATURDAY. And it's not to tell me she won't be in Monday, either.

What was it? Anyone wanna venture a guess?

It was to ask me what I had put in the discussion board on MONDAY (which, surprise, I've slept since then) for the title of the paper that she wanted to work on. Really?! I'm nowhere near a computer, I'm busy helping my boyfriend, and then you give me an attitude cause I didn't answer my phone when you want me (especially when I'm practically in a No Service area)? No, sweetheart. The one who gets to have an attitude is ME. It's MY day off, and I'd rather not get harassed on my day off from someone who is supposed to remember this stuff because that's YOUR responsibility! YOU are the student, so that's your problem.

She's already been told about that more than once before, and I'd rather not involve my new boss about it (but it looks like I WILL have to Monday). Calling me off-the-clock is a big no-no (unless it's to let me know she won't be in on Monday or something, NOT about something I can't look up and won't have the time until Monday anyway). If she doesn't stop with this crap, I will have to get my bosses involved.
I have two jobs: The day job is where I'm a reader/scribe for a blind student (who helps her with MOST of the co-op that she has to do) on campus. The night job is where I'm a recovery person for a dollar store (but that's for a whole other post).

Now what is co-op, you ask? Well, that is when the student (and in her case, that means me, too) has to complete 160 hours before the end of the semester. Since the place she wanted started on Monday, she's almost 20 hours behind already.

The day job most of the time is a good job (most of the time). The times that it's not? Oh, boy...

This is where I need an aspirin...Collapse )

Oh, my God... it's so annoying to have someone try to guilt trip me into doing something I CANNOT DO! This is where I'll take my aspirin now.

That took a turn.

So, come to find out the company is going out of business. I don't know all the details of the "why." I've been leaving early due to medical issues and didn't make the meetings. But this news was delivered to us right before New Years. Yay! We were given an estimate of 3 months to sell all inventory before doors officially close. You would think now is the time that we all pull together to give this last horrah our all, right? Nope. The bullshit has increased near 10 fold.

So with the news delivered, we pretty much spent the first week in shock/not shocked at all. We thought we were doing well enough to last one more year. A few of us, myself included, had suspicions since October and have been actively looking for work. That first day, we hardly did anywork. Within the first week, Manager was encouraging us to open up our resumes and edit them, right then and there. I didn't. I had real work to do. I only asked if I could print a few copies, specifically four (My printer ran out of ink). I was told "No." This irked me. Somehow she was okay with us using company time to open and review the resume's right then and there, but not print them? Maybe my response should have been "Hey, can I print a few resume's? You know, since I'm technically losing my job? You can doc $0.10 off my paycheck for every sheet I print."

This guy, I've worked with since year 1.

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Back to Management

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Well, the call center is down to two people. That will be closing next week and clients can contact by e-mail. This means, more cussing on our end.

When your boss takes a vacay...

Another note from my boss (this one was hand-written, so my guess is that all of it applies). It showed who was the acting manager (longest AM there) while my boss is on vacation (poor girl had to deal with her grandmother passing away, which might have started the last note she wrote). What else did it say?

~ "All associates are to stay busy, even if it means to sweep under four-ways, wiping down the register, and even dusting shelves." In other words, don't stand around with your head in the clouds! I actually work for four hours (would do it straight if a break wasn't mandated by the state). Do. SOMETHING. If you only have time to dust off the register, then do it. If you have time to refill the balloon center, then do it.

~ "No attitudes whatsoever! I will hear about it and I will write you up." No meaning here, just straight up. Don't have an attitude with customers, the bosses, or even with associates. There were two complaints about that last year! No one wants to deal with that.

~ "Do not clock in early unless payroll allows it." Yeah, because payroll won't let you work 20 hours when you're scheduled with 16 (unless someone calls out or if there's a no call/no show).

Sounds like 2016 is going to be when my boss is not going to take any crap. Good for her.

But with a note like this, there's always gonna be a couple with these wonderful gems:

"Oh, my God, but I already did all my work..." Then find something else to do. There's ALWAYS something to do.
"I don't like cleaning the restrooms." You get to wear gloves. The kind you can throw away afterwards, so... if no one else is able to do it, then guess who does?
And the creme de la creme?
"Why can't day shift do this? It's so unfair that the gift bags look like crap..." Oh, let me find my violin. I hate gift bags like everyone else, but someone's gotta do it.

Shame, shame, shame...

Remember my last post about hoping something happens to those who don't call or show up (no call/no show) or people who call out for some BS reason? Well, thankfully, my boss said something about it!

What, you ask?

My boss (super nice and very understanding, but God help the person who pisses her off!) wrote a message and had everyone read and sign it. Paraphrasing here (since I don't have a copy on hand), it states that anyone who calls out sick WITHOUT a doctor's note will be written up. Anyone who doesn't call and doesn't show up for their shift, they get written up. Three of those, and your butt is GONE. Interestingly enough, she was pissed that how people who work 100% attendance (me included) still had to pick up other's slack. Evidently, the buck stops here.

Evidently, she got pissed off at how EIGHT people (just last week!) called out just because "Oh, my head hurts" (which is BS because there's a thing called ASPIRIN, so take it and get up there!) and my personal favorite, "Oh, I'm PMSing and hurting so bad." Hell, I work on that, stomach viruses, being sick with a cold AND a flu (while wearing a face mask and gloves cause I don't want people to catch my germs here), AND... with a headache that I'd swear is a migraine. (Even my boss works with a MIGRAINE!) If I can show up to do my shift, then so. should. YOU.

There is no reason why those people who call out should be whining because they're not working that week (one of the three punishments for pulling that stupid crap!!) and get written up for it. I know I love my job (since it helps with bills that I have to pay), but damn it, if you're going to pull the no call/no show BS, then do me a favor: QUIT. Just quit. No one needs an undependable little twit working here! There's plenty of people out there that DO show up on time and work their shift. All she has to do is axe you and find someone who will show up when the boss needs her. Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame...
So...to our new vet and vet tech,
Firstly, vet tech. Yes, lady, we KNOW you are pregnant, (as is your daughter, about whom I won't say much) therefore, yes, you are tired, you don't feel all that great, and, of course, the world is judging you. (most likely, they are) As it is, I think you should think about imposing discipline on those you already HAVE, before you start worrying about the one coming. Yes, I know, I was supposed to 'tell so and so what to do' well, I tried, they didn't, frankly its easier to just do it myself. If you can't keep the kids from sitting around, tearing up stuff, or gazing at their phones as if their eyeballs are glued to those screens, well, I'm not going to try. They ain't MY kids, besides, mine is grown up, and wouldn't act like that if she were here anyway. (considering they let said daughter do MY job (and clock in and out like a staff member0 while I had surgery, I'd say she did a hell of a lot better than most would think of)

Oh yes, one other thing. Yes, as a matter of fact, I CAN give shots to cats. I've been at the humane society for nearly four years, I was trained to give shots. (and de wormer, and flea meds, and other, I'm just not supposed to diagnose and treat) So, my giving those two kittens the shots and dewormer, not something you need to worry your little head about. Oh...and yes, I do know what a feral is. Considering I have a three step way of figuring such things out.

Dear Vet,
You are only here one day of the week. While I understand that you wish things to go smoothly, have all the supplies you need, the animals at hand to do surgery on and such, there are a couple of things you should look at.
You don't really need to take my radio so you 'have something to listen to' while doing surgery. You also don't need to KEEP my radio. (I bought that, it is MINE, and it will stay in the front, cause I like to listen to music too....MY music, not some weird crap you like...and if you don't like country...well, I don't care)

Oh yes, one other thing. Whoever took my book...I want it back. You KNOW it's mine, I have one of my address labels on it.

One final thing...I bring in a bit of sugar so I can have sugar in my coffee. That does NOT mean you guys need to take that bit of sugar and pour it all into YOUR coffee. Bring in your own. Thanks

Jan. 15th, 2016

I work in oil and gas, I'm a program lead of five project managers, we run projects across Canada. I used to be a lead of two other PMs but then we had a huge re-org and layoffs and now our group is one and I've inherited three other PMs. The lead roles were announced to the team and to other groups.

Now this other PM, who's been in the group only since 2013, doesn't seem to like that he has to report to anyone or be led by anyone and he's doing all these things to try and undermine me.

1. I lead program initiatives, I'll be working with someone on an initiative, like say cost controls, and he will go to them behind my back and start working with them on it and tell them to send him everything when it's done and he will send them out.

2. He undermines my expertise in front of my manager. He spent the last two days in a flurry of emails arguing with me on what a work unit should cost. He swore up and down it should be able to be done for $5,000, I said it was more like $50,000. Finally I put together a meeting with my manager and showed the work breakdown and costs and he agreed with me. It took TWO DAYS for that.

3. When system documents are supposed to say my name on them, he will go through and change the name to our managers name or some generic name and then send it to our manager.

4. I've started about ten different initiatives that have saved our group about 25% of a 55 M dollar program - each one of these, I get them going and then he swoops in behind my back and tries to take it over so he can present the results. Thankfully I'm smart enough to fully document these initiatives and bring them to my manager's attention before it's started.

He's a brown noser, a schmoozer, and I'm really sick of being undermined.

The worst part is, I'm 7 months pregnant, so my manager is totally falling for it and asking me if I can really lead five people and doesn't other PM have SOOOO much experience that we can leverage?

This has only started happening two weeks ago when I announced my pregnancy, by the way. I wasn't showing yet, and I'm high risk and so didn't want to announce until after the point of viability, I've already almost lost this pregnancy twice and ended up in the ER.

I've been in the company since 2001, PM for three years and program lead for ten years, so I have a lot more experience too. He's gearing for my job now, and it's frustrating, because my manager is falling for it. He literally told me, don't worry about work, just worry about making the babies.

Are you effing kidding me??
It's not like I'm gone for a year anyways, I'm ONLY taking 6 weeks of an offered 52 weeks off. I'm taking bare minimum, it'll be like an extended vacation and then I'm back.

Sexist Dig

I was doing my job like normal the other day when two ladies behind me started joking around about how our office would make a good reality show because of the drama. They were newer employees in their twenties. One said, "Only if the crazy bitch came back." The lady they were talking about wasn't crazy, per se, more like she had an obvious histrionic personality disorder, a real toxic personality in the environment. She had all the symptoms: lying, overly seductive, abstract and expressive speech, etc. I told them, "THANK YOU!! I felt like I was the only person in the whole office who could see through her. Even other women thought she was cute and would entertain her constant attention seeking."

Side note: The person we were talking about screwed around with a few of the guys there. She would say stupid, random stuff in a baby voice, like, "Joey is a bad Joey. Joey is a bad JOOOOOEEEYYYY!!" -or- "Kellybellykellybellykellybelly". I told the two ladies this story about how she called my cellphone at 10:30PM at night. I don't know how she even got it. Back then, I told my coworkers that nobody is allowed to keep my cellphone number and call me at all without my permission, let alone call me at inappropriate hours. Everyone acted like I was the problem, and that I was the one being obnoxious. While we were having this conversation, an old, weather-beaten hoochie who was friends with the 'crazy bitch' chimed in and said, "I heard that you HUNG OUT WITH HER a few times, teeheeheee!!" It wasn't true. Anyway, it wasn't really about her. This was a dig about my stalker.

Another side note: About five years ago, I started hanging out with this guy maybe once or twice a year. We'd do something like go to the zoo or take the train to the museums in Chicago. Then two years ago, he started getting weird with me, as in he'd call me every day, cyber-stalk my websites, show up at my house unannounced and constantly bother me with small talk at work. Since I've expressed my irritation with him several times, he's toned it down a bit. He still makes me rage though, like when he asks for an explanation every time I take a day off (I don't give him one), or when he acts like my words don't register when I constantly tell him to stop making small talk. Most of the time I ignore him, but sometimes I'll yell at him to get away from me. Most people sympathize with me, but there are a few who think that I'm to blame because I hung out with him. This is outrageous.

-So today, I gave everybody a 'public service announcement'. I said, "Just because I've hung out with (so-and-so) a few times, it doesn't mean that I'm 'asking for it' -or- 'have it coming' when he STALKS me! Anybody who thinks this can take their misogynistic notion and shove it up their old, stuck-in-highschool mentality ass! Even if we were actually going out, -which we never were- I STILL wouldn't deserve this treatment!"

The two younger ladies sympathized with me. They were like, "You don't have to explain this to us. We get it. We know how people are around here."

I replied, "I can't believe I have to explain this to these old, grown-ass people." No seriously, I'm being stalked by a fifty year old man, and I'm surrounded by a bunch of forty and fifty year olds, many of whom side with him for no better reason than that they are anti my side. Then most of the younger people act more mature than them. It's ridiculous. I think the reason they got along so well with the histrionic lady is because they are toxic personalities as well.

Recap: Recovery at a dollar store. Been there since August 2015 and doing pretty good at the job.

For two nights straight, I get called in to work (I wasn't even scheduled, and since I only had two nights this week, I figured, what the hell... go for it!).

Monday night's reason: half the shift didn't even show up! I mean, they called out (likely cause they don't like the assistant manager working that day). Yep. Which is total BS since they should have to do all the hard work that night shift has to (since day shift are lazier than a turtle crossing I-95). This meant that the recovery person for that night had to be the cashier (happy she kept her hours), so they had to call me. Happy? Obviously YES. More money~

Tuesday night's reason: the girl (cause woman is a far freaking stretch here) called out an HOUR before the shift started. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people?! My aunt doesn't care to drive in the dark (why I end up showing up much earlier than I want to), and I'm not familiar with her new car enough to even attempt driving it. So, did I go in anyway? Four more hours added to my pay week? You betcha! And the creme de la creme?

When I asked my boss about my hours (since two days a week is really not enough with bills to pay, like the cellphone bill next month, gas for my boyfriend and my aunt's cars, and food since I have to eat), she said, "You'll go back to 3-4 nights a week pretty soon." Yippee~! So that leads me to think that someone is going to get the big F (as in Fired, not the other word some people think of). Or maybe two, since the no call/no show is really pissing off my boss. Glad to know my job is in the bag. Also, glad to know my boss is tired of their BS and cleaning house...

Moral of the story: If you're not gonna call and show up, you know who my boss WILL call and who WILL show up. Guess who'll be getting your money. Not you. Just don't whine about having no job afterwards.


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