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Stupid is as stupid does...

So, been a while. I'll give you the ten-cent review: I work as a cashier/recovery at a dollar store.

Last night, I worked on the register. I quite like working on the register. It helps break the monotony of the BS that surrounds this store. But last night... I don't think I want to see my bosses pissed off...

Miss NC/NS (No call/no show) MIA (Missing in Action) Recovery,

What part of SHOW UP AT 5:30PM did you not seem to comprehend?!?! Not at 5:45PM, and sure as hell not at 6:00PM, at 5:30PM, when you're scheduled to show up! Hell, you live in the same town I live in, and I can get there on time! What is your problem?!

I came from one county over, and I still made it there early (which my bosses love that about me). For you to not even have the freaking balls to CALL WORK if you're either going to be late or if you're not coming is not only pissing off my boss, but also ME. Thanks to your stupid ass, my boss couldn't do her job, I couldn't recover around the four-ways (since I was busy the whole time). Do you honestly think the boss is going to like dealing with your lazy ass? I think NOT.

If you think the AM was pissed off, don't show up to see the MAIN manager. She just might fire you. In fact, I sure hope she does. Your recovery was worse than trying to fit a hippo through the Lincoln Tunnel, you show up late or not at all, AND you leave early when there's still stuff to do! Good luck finding a job where they'll take lazy asses like you.

No love,


How do you all feel about coworkers who come in to work sick? And I don't mean like, your coworker has no choice but to come in; we get paid sick time AND have the ability to work from home.

The coworker I absolutely hate came in to work twice last week ridiculously, obviously sick. She could barely speak and kept saying she "only lost her voice" then she proceeded to cough all over the fucking place and went home early both days because she "felt horrible." Don't know why she would come in the next day then! I told her to stay away from me, but unfortunately we share a desk, and now I'm feeling like shit.

I'm pissed because she comes in sick ALL THE TIME and I always catch it because our workspace is so freaking small. She either tries denying she's sick, but then will go home early because she's feeling horrible, or she'll say she doesn't like taking sick days because then she just sits at home bored. I honestly think she likes to play the hero and come in even though she's sick.

I had to take Friday off because my fiancé was having a medical emergency (he was going into anaphylactic shock and we don't know why), and the Department Head kind of gave me shit for it; I don't think she believed me, so now I feel like I can't take a sick day tomorrow.

My manager retired back in December, we haven't been able to fill his position because people keep turning it down because we're not offering enough money and the company refuses to raise the salary rate. I'm now the only full time person in my immediate department, and I feel like I'm losing it ugh.

Apr. 23rd, 2016

I hate that every workplace I go to, everyone always talks about being healthy, how they are "watching it," or trying to lose a few pounds. It seems that every day, someone has to bring up diet-talk. When it comes to celebrating a coworker's birthday, it is never socially acceptable to ask for a "regular" piece of cake - you have to ask for the small piece. But then that person receives a regular size piece (and do they protest? No, because they really did want the whole cake. They just wanted validation. They just wanted other people around them to think "Oooh! That guy! Small piece of cake! I wish *I* was that dedicated!"). Or that guy who has to always loudly proclaim "NO bread for me, please!"

Then Halloween rolls by. People bring candy from home, leftover since trick-or-treaters can't be bothered with a long driveway. Every time someone walks by the candy, they go "I really shouldn't be having this" while grabbing yet another Snickers bar

Months will go by in that office, or that workplace. Many talks about cutting out sugar, asking for no bread, asking for the smallest possible sliver of birthday cake ("I want the slice to be SO SMALL" that my plate is completely empty!"), and not a pound will be lost among these people.

Or the worst - when you actually are a healthy eater, and you bring lunch to work, and people go "Ohhh, look at you! You're doing good!" I bring lunch to work because a, I am not made of money and b, because I am probably eating something high in complex carbs because I'll be lifting some heavy shit at the gym later. But I don't talk about it. Ever. But somehow, people decide to see a healthy meal, and think that I'm also seeking the same kind of validation.

Am I alone here?

Speak up!

Dear coworker,

When I tell you I couldn't hear what you just said, the correct response is not to repeat it even quieter than your first attempt. I appreciate you taking care to enunciate, but you speak fairly clearly to begin with. The problem is that there's a lot of ambient noise, and I have an auditory processing disorder. I need to you speak a little louder so I can tell what you're saying.

On the same score, I can't hear what you're saying if you're facing away from me when you speak. Or if I'm near running water (I was washing my lunch containers in the break room), or that damn alarm is going off across the street again, or some douchebag on the street outside is revving their stupid motorcycle and we're near the windows.

I also can't tell what the hell you're saying when you whisper. Why are you whispering to me? You're not imparting any secrets - and quit with the stupid over-dramatic "storytelling" voice while you're at it. I'm 41, not 4, and I wouldn't blame a 4 year old for giving you the side-eye for that shit.

And now, after telling you I don't how many times that I can't tell what you're saying when you whisper, you tell me that you don't think you're whispering. I tell you that I can't make out what you're saying when you're facing away from me, and you constantly turn away from me when you talk to me.

Yeah, okay. I already think you're an idiot. Now I'm beginning to suspect that you're an asshole, as well.

I've had my hearing checked countless times (and I'm thinking about getting it checked again, as the problem has gotten markedly worse in the last year). Every time I'm told I have very acute hearing, and when I explain the problem, I'm told that there's no hearing aid or procedure that can fix it - it's in my brain. I literally cannot process multiple loud sounds to pick out a single voice, and certain sounds, like running water, are just like static drowning out everything else.

All I'm asking is that you speak in a normal tone of voice - y'know, like our other coworkers manage to do all the time - and occasionally speak a little louder when our environment is noisier than usual. Why is that so difficult?

Love my job, it's people I hate

Dear volunteers who take our cats to the adoption center,
Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for FINALLY taking that one cat, the one who's been here forever and a day. Yes I know, he(OMG THE HORROR OF IT ALL) HISSED at you....one time. Get over it, the cat was a freaken feral kitten when he came in. Now, he's all snuggles and belly rubs. (his belly) Honestly, I've been working overtime at trying to get the sweet boy OUT of here....
No, you cannot take the two kittens who were JUST spayed. If they were boys, I'd say go for it, I prefer to keep the girls a bit longer. After all....except for Bob who had testicles in his belly (and wasn't THAT fun for our vet) boys get over neutering quickly. (ok...loss of pride for some of my 'big' boys....)

Community service and volunteers, once again, if you decide to work here, that is what you will do. That work will include cleaning bathrooms (I just did them but....) sweeping and mopping floors, doing windows, scooping poop in kennels, doing laundry, cleaning the tops of the cages (lots of dust up there) and, if there is time, walking dogs and maybe even cuddling a cat or two. (I prefer you cuddle the shy ones, the extroverts don't need it as much)

A couple of things to remember. You do NOT give meds. At all. I don't care if you 'give them all the time to your animals' or anything else. My daughter didn't give meds when she was volunteering there. You don't give shots. Only employees who have been there six months or more and HAVE BEEN TRAINED can give shots. That does not include you.
STAY AWAY FROM THE CAGES WITH THE RED TAGS. Those that say 'caution' or 'feral' If you can't figure out why...sure..stick your hand in Ginny's cage, but sign this waiver first. Then, after we take you to the hospital to have your hand stitched up, you can't sue us.
(Ginny and my other semi feral are NOT out front)

Ok, one last thing....should you be told you are working with the cat lady...kindly LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY. We do NOT toss out the cat litter every day. That is a waste, and, frankly, if we did that, I would be out of cat litter most of the time. I have things set up a certain way....don't change them, that is not your job. Frankly, I would rather you clean the bathrooms and floors, as opposed to 'helping' me with the cats. Doing that...I'm a lot easier to be around. Sticking in your two cents as to 'how you can be more efficient' makes the cat lady an evil witch....and nope, no houses around to drop on me either.
Last Sunday was inventory, meaning all hands on deck. (Unless you're sick as a dog, then at that point, it's best to stay home.) Also means that people should know that they should stay over to help out so certain people are not staying until 11PM. So, what does that mean when you decide to leave at 9:30 because "that's the time on the schedule that I get off?" That means that FOUR PEOPLE (myself included) does all the damn work for you!

The four people who did all the work were: the boss (who had to come in the next morning), an assistant manager (who had to be home before 10PM because of her husband being sick [she takes care of his medications]), one recovery (who had to be in class at 8AM the next morning), and one cashier (me, who also had to be at my day job at 9AM the next morning). And what did the four of us have in common? ALL FOUR OF US WERE WOMEN! No men showed up (even after being called in).

Oh, finally got to meet the district manager. Nice guy. Completely anal about the store (I think he's OCD), but still a good guy.

Now, I didn't just work from 5:30-9:30 (my normal shift). I worked from 1:30PM (after church and lunch) to 10:45PM. Can I name how many muscles hurt like a mother trucker when I got out? Oh, and I still had to be at work at 9AM the next morning.

And you wonder why your hours got cut down? This is why. You had a chance to make more hours, but you didn't. We ladies could have been out of the store by 10PM, but NO... you decided to say "Not my job" and your hours took a cut. Let me tell you something: My "job" does not involve lifting boxes, moving boxes, helping organize the stockroom (which needed it more than you know), OR stocking. But guess what? I did. No men needed.

Dear Vet Tech

Dear vet tech,

Yes, I know, you worked here for a whole 'few' months a few years back. (quite a few years back, in fact) As opposed to my measly 4 years. I have no 'real' training in care and such of cats, while you are a 'trained' vet tech. (not disparaging the college here....but book larning, ain't the real world....as my Grandfather would say)

When I state that the kitten you are wishing to take out of the cage was JUST put in there, after a night spent in a live trap and is at least part feral, perhaps you would take me at my word on that? After all, I'm the one who put the silly thing IN that cage, after it got out and I had to get it into the cat nabber. Yes, I know, it scratched you. She scratched me too, but I did suggest, strongly, that we let her chill out, eat something, relax a bit BEFORE trying to do anything with her. Be nice if you would listen.

I am the person who deals with these cats on a daily basis, not the couple of hours you spend each week, looking them over, with an eye as to who needs to be fixed. Right now, due to some unforeseen problems (like me being sick on friday and having saturday off) most if not all my cats are sick. Due to the fact our volunteers who ferry the cats to and from Petsmart insist on putting the sick ones in with the healthy ones. (and the fact I don't have enough room in ISO for more than five cats anyway.)(which is another suck of the vet and vet tech, because they don't want to use the 'old' cages, and they don't want us to use the cages in surgery recovery, because they use them once a week....and I'm piling cats where I can)

Welcome to kitten season. I'm sure the new director and I will be having words on this subject more than once.

Sighs...love my job, if it weren't for the people I have to deal with

Control Freak

One of my co-workers is a control freak.

And she yelled at me today to stop making notes during a meeting - what the heck? I wanted to remember what we discussed.


Do You Not Listen to Me?

So, the situation was this.

At work, we maintain a dataset - that's all you need to know really.

Person X disagrees with something we show on it.

Person Y thinks otherwise.

I spoke to person Y and set out our views.

Person Y said, "I want to meet to discuss this. I want to have my manager and person Z with us".

My manager's view was: "Invite the manager, Person X and Person Y, but not person Z so person X is not completely outnumbered by this group with a different viewpoint".

That makes sense as it makes the conversation balanced and unbiased.

I spelled this out to Person Y, but he seemed a bit puzzled.

When I set up the meeting, Person Y forwarded the request to Person Z anyway.

I'm not looking forward to seeing how my manager reacts - we might have to politely explain that we don't want Person Z at the meeting.

I really hope this meeting goes okay.
First off, let me state, I love my job. Honestly, I do. I love each and everyone of my cats (unless they are ferals) I enjoy having a sweet lop eared rabbit, and rats are my faves. (of course, the grossing out of people by giving and getting of rattie kisses....yes, I'm a horrible person) I don't even mind the scooping of poop, and cleaning of said poop off cages.

Love my job, it's people I can't stand.

Therefore....dearest co workers...could you, I wonder, the day after the vet has done surgery, kindly remember to get ALL the dogs out of surgery recovery? (I'm hoping you all remembered to FEED AND WATER the dogs in surgery recovery the night before) Having that one poor pup in there all day long in a cage that was no bigger than the dog...not good. Having me 'remind' the kennel manager every time I saw him, and you guys as well, every time I saw you...and he was STILL there by the time I had finished with my cats.

Well, again, I hate to interrupt your busy work on your phones, and your coffee breaks, but you could think of the animals. (and you can't yell at me about phones or coffee, cause I don't have a cell, and I haven't drank any of the coffee at work either)

Oh yeah...a couple of other things...the laundry still needs doing, and someone besides me can clean said cages in surgery and surgery recovery.


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