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Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: Who is the sloppiest person you've worked for or with? Would you please cite examples?
Does anyone have a coworker that no matter how often you reassure them of something (in this case, that they're not going to get fired), they just cannot drop it? So they are in full panic mode, all day, every day? What a treat to deal with these folks, right? You try to be sympathetic but it's so easy to be burned out when repeating yourself so many times.

It just dawned on me today that this co-worker actually just doesn't have the ability to listen to the words that are coming out of someone's mouth.

So, yes, I got conned into staying at my long-term job with my softness to my boss, who I have mentioned before has Alzheimer's and his legacy, also I was given a lot of money to stay, honestly enough.

My co-workers are still constantly bickering with each other about "how" things are done around here. Down to what grit of sandpaper works the best, in which order and the technique that's used. My eyes just glaze over at this rate.

Henny Penny gets into with Short Man Syndrome regularly. To the point that Henny Penny will come into my office near tears to ask me what he should do. My response is "Don't take it so personally, just take a break or go home if he's being like that." I even drove him home the other week because his car was broken and he had taken the bus to work, I didn't want him to feel trapped here.

EVERY SINGLE TIME that this happens, it's bad enough because I have to deal with a grown man in or near tears. The worst part is he keeps saying "I just don't want to get fired.", no matter how many ways I've said "How many people have been fired here since you've started? You've been here fifteen years, tell me who's been fired?" does it sink in. He seriously cannot grasp the whole thing.

Today is when I figured out that he cannot comprehend things passed his own feelings or perception of things though. He was asking me how I was, I respond with "I'm doing really good (I know, my grammar makes my BF cry too, sorry!)". There was chatter after that, all refereeing to how well my day was indeed going. Then he turns around and says "I hope your day gets better!" and scurries out of my office...I...okay well maybe it can get better because I'm okay with my day being frigging fantastic and not just "really well"? It's just one of those quirks that hits me right in the "Do you ever listen? Or do you just not listen to me?" feelings.

Speaking of the "sky is falling", when I did leave for five seconds, the entire shop exploded and we had to have a meeting to specifically state "no the place is NOT shutting down, we aren't going to spring something on you like that". Again, trust issues are probably the biggest thing in this place, we have never had a reason to not trust the owner or his family, they've went above and beyond in every case, they are transparent with employees and customers alike. These people have never screwed over another human in their existence, everyone should know that.

Oh and a bonus "WTF STOP". My boss' mess of a kid has been hanging around trying to "run things". He'll show up for awhile, then fall off the wagon and go into seclusion. Just breeze right in here, looks at the reports he doesn't understand and asks me stupid questions. I'm on a limited schedule because I have 2 other jobs, you begged me to come back, chill out and let me run the show, dude! Just help the DUDES IN THE SHOP WHO NEED A FOREMAN not the girl behind the curtain, pulling all the levers and making the huge fire ball burn!

I'm starting to get frustrated with coworkers at my other job, wherein I'm the bookkeeper for a restaurant. We had a huge change in staff for various kind of hilarious reasons, not a problem, I understand the learning curve. The person who was promoted to manager is very nice. I thought he was also seemingly smart but no, he cannot grasp how to count a till properly. I keep having drastically short deposit bags that are unexplained. I really don't think anyone is stealing, I seriously think that they're just dumb and there's a vortex out there sucking in the MISSING CHECK!? and cash. Like never have the tills been over/under for every single till for a whole day prior to this. There are enough overages as well over this time period that's why I don't think it's stealing! Doh.
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20th-May-2015 06:06 am - The Instructions are RIGHT THERE... least the one who took my job while I was off for one day,
Ok, I have a page full of instructions. They are right THERE in that cage card holder. The one that I had put RIGHT ON TOP OF THE FOOD CONTAINER. It even includes the feeding chart for the cats and kittens. (yes I know you have to OMG TURN IT OVER to see those..but they ARE there)
Kittens, nursing mama's (of which there is ONE) and pregnant cats get more (one pregnant too...and one HUGE) Otherwise, it is a set amount per poundage of cat. I've been feeding, on average about a half cup per cat. They are fine with that, some eat it all right away, others nibble through the day. They are not losing weight, they are not gaining weight. Putting a full cup or more into each bowl is NOT a good thing. (and if I feed x amount each day, I also know who is eating, and more importantly, if someone stops eating)
Really, all you guys have to do, if I'm ever gone again, make sure each cat has fresh food and water, you don't even have to change the bowls out like I do. Scoop the litter boxes, change the really dirty ones. (you know, the ones who's ammonia smell knocks you out?) Maybe even shake a bit of fresh litter over the top of some. Don't fill the litter boxes half full. There is a sign on said litter barrel telling you how much to use. You guys can read.
Otherwise, make sure the cage is cleaned, meds, if any are given ( might want some help with that. Dogs, you can put the meds into wet food, or a treat, cats you have to shove it down their throats.)
My job is NOT that hard. Not really. I mean, you do have to wipe down the cages. You don't have to move all the cats out of a bank of cages, spray them down and try to clean the poop off them. All I'm asking is, if you have a me, ask. Read the instructions I've typed out for you. You don't have to cuddle each cat or kitten and tell them they are just the most wondrous of all animals...I just want them fed.


The cats were fed....but whoever did my job also left me with a stack of litter pans to clean, and, I'm sure did NOT wipe out any of the cages, just put fresh paper over the top of any mess.
17th-May-2015 09:57 am(no subject)
I've gotten over the fact that you will never cross train me and I'll be stuck in my current position until I quit. Fine. And it's bad enough I have to stand on my feet for 6 hours straight without a single break because we're fast food. Fine. But ffs when my shift ends at 5pm, I expect to be on my way home by 505pm, not 515 or 530pm because I have to wait for my 'relief'. You know something, just close the window for however long my 'relief' is taking. The customers are still getting served, just a little bit slower.

And you people wonder why I bitch and complain and tell you 'oi, it's 5pm, let's go, people'. Maybe cause I hurt very badly.
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Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: Have you ever pulled a prank at work?

Or had one pulled on you?

How did it go?

Was it camaraderie or mean-spirited?

How do you feel about pranks (in the workplace) in general?

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15th-May-2015 07:09 pm(no subject)
To several coworkers who don't seem to get this: when your manager mentions that it's a scent-free workplace and to please avoid wearing scented stuff, the correct answer is not to conveniently "forget" a few days later and start wearing your strong perfume again. It's giving me and one of my other coworkers sinus issues and headaches. Have some respect for those of us who are freaking scent-sensitive and/or allergic, please?

Seriously. I've had to ask 3 different times now for one person, and twice for another. It's not that goddamn hard to grasp. Your perfume doesn't help you do your job, but it sure screws up my ability to do mine. Cut that shit out.

(I hate having to make people make accommodations for my allergies, and I feel hella guilty right now for complaining, but I just can't deal with it any more. My food allergies get a load of tolerance and people go out of their way to make sure I'm good on that front - and I'm lucky, none of the food ones are serious, just annoying - but no one seems to see it the same way with scented things, and that's the stuff that really screws me up. Ugh.)

On another note, clicky pens should be banned in offices. There's 2 guys in the office that click them constantly and it's driving me nuts. If you have to do compulsive things, can't you do them quietly?
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15th-May-2015 03:50 am(no subject)
We have this part time/seasonal worker M. God she is so intrusive. A little while back she turned to me and asked, "So how's your love life?" EXCUSE ME? This is the second or third time we have worked together. I don't know you. You don't know me. Why on earth would you ask someone that. I tried to tell her as nicely as I could to stop asking. I said. "What love life." And she thought that was an invitation to keep on asking. So I said I didn't want to share. She asked why. And kept pressing. And pressing me. It got really uncomfortable. I'm not out at work. Not on anything because I am afraid (coward) because I live in a state where they can fire you for being gay/trans. But if someone doesn't want to give you personal info and tells you so, YOU STOP ASKING. WTF is wrong with this girl?

Today I had to work with her again and the dry cleaner came in with today's clothes. She handled it. Well, she took the receipt. But she didn't post it in the system on the guest's account. I asked her. She said she didn't know how. I said I'd show her. She said she didn't want to know, she wanted me to do it. She was too busy on google. Really. You don't want to know your job?? Are you fing kidding me?! It takes all of a minute to do. Post it on the account. Print a receipt. Attach it to the dry cleaner's receipt and drop it in our manager's mail box. Easy. But apparently not worth the bother to her.

Yesterday was a cluster fuck and a suck on so many levels. We were over sold (again, thanks BOSS!!) and our Front Desk Manager N told us to cancel any reservation who's credit card declined. So I did. Only one did. The guest comes in and throws a fit. According to him he had enough money on that card and it didn't decline/shouldn't have declined in his book. He's a solider and he fought for this country blah blah. Our Op Manager (E) was there and said, reinstate him. Only...we can't. We're still oversold by like three people and we can't make a new reservation or reinstate his since we canceled it. But E said give him a room no matter what. We tried everything. We got N's passcode. Nope. E tried his. Nope. The system has no override even for a manager. So thanks to E we had to walk another guest. We just gave this guy a room and we couldn't even put him in the system. E photocopied his credit card and ID and said make him a res for tomorrow and comped him one night and dinner. And because the guest wasn't in our system he couldn't get on the internet. So he was really pissed off. He also hated his room. E and I both wanted to shoot the computer. It's stupid and it takes 5 more steps than it should to do one thing.

But I did what I was told and felt like I was being thrown under the bus. And I was thrown under the bus again when a Diamond member asked for different candy in his gift bag. He wanted something from our gift shop which is different than their stuff. I said no. A co worker ducked out to ask a manager who said yes. THANKS. Now I'm the asshole.

I hate our help/tech support people. They are never ever helpful. I was on the phone with them for over 30 trying to get them to help me figure out why I couldn't walk a guest. The system said the guest must have at least one stay (day) to walk. The guest had 2. Finally because we were so busy E made me hang up on them. Then today the system linked my account with my coworkers so it looked like I was posting money under her name and not mine which really fucked us up with the count at the end of the night. I had 14.50 and then 25.50 and then it went to .50 to drop. And I hadn't done anything, but she was posting. We got it sorted and they told me it was a known issue and they are working on it but no date yet is set to when they will fix it. Thanks a lot. I had to over post and she had to underpost. And I had to write down a ton of notes and call my FD manager to tell her what was up when she counted our drops later how screwed up it would be. Thank god I do receipts for all my cash transactions. BUT WTF.

Looking for a new job. I NEED this job as I am so in the hole. But god I wish I didn't need this job.
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Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

In honor of gamingkitty's birthday, we ask: Does your place of work have get-togethers for meetings/celebrations/maintenance/etc? If so, was attendance voluntary, "voluntold", or officially required?

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7th-May-2015 03:44 am(no subject)
Dear Manager,

Why do you think that having a meeting at 7AM is a good idea? R and I left work around 11:30pm. We now have to be back at work at 7AM and then back at 3PM. I know you do this for our night auditor but she is late. That made us late. So guess who isn't sleeping?? I have to wake up at 5 am so I can be more awake to leave at 6 am so I can be on time. And I know we won't start right on time either. I hope we get out by 9am so I can get a few more hours of sleep.

So yeah. Not happy. When I worked Audit I just sucked it up when there was 2pm meetings or what have you at my old job.

Fuck not sleeping.
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4th-May-2015 01:15 pm - Call Back!!!!
A few weeks ago I e-mailed a colleague to ask them about some work they'd been involved in. No response.

I went to chase her up and she wasn't there; a colleague gave her a message to call me - she never did.

When I eventually chased her up in person, she was all, "I didn't understand what you wanted".

So, that's why you ignored me instead of e-mailing/calling/coming to my desk to ask me to clarify what I meant?

And also she wasn't terribly helpful when I tried to explain what I wanted.
3rd-May-2015 06:50 am - Just...sickening
Dear co worker,
There is this little invention called a telephone. Marvelous thing, really. You can use it to 'reach out and touch' people. Call them, actually TALK to them (or their machines) and let them know things.
Things like...I'm sick and can't be in today.

This can be important, because if you DO NOT call, you are then a 'no call, no show' and even with our easy going (and for that matter, out going, due to retirement) director, this makes her mad enough to chew nails and spit tacks.

Want to know what can be even worse? When you...yes you co worker, comes back after just a couple of days, still sicker than a parvo pup....spending half an hour, or more, throwing up in the least once an hour...said bathroom which is in the lobby, is NOT soundproof...yes, we heard you,loud and clear. Which made a lot of US sick....(you know how that sound is....)

Now, I don't know what was wrong with you...other than the fact you couldn't even keep down sips of water...but let me tell you this. Whatever it was or is, if its contagious, we don't want it. I know the pay here is minimal, at best. Still, if you can't even DO your job, because of having to talk to might consider calling in sick, so at least your fellow co workers won't think you just decided to go elsewhere for your pay, are in the hospital/jail/another country.

Your slightly nauseated cat lady.
Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: Have you or a co-worker ever been hurt on the job? How did that scenario play itself out? Was care or callous shown?

Was the injured party responsible for it at all?

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28th-Apr-2015 10:32 am - We have phone rooms for a reason ...
This isn't really a suck, just more of a WTF and a need to get this off my chest ...

My workspace is pretty much open concept. It's a large open space broken up by a few closed offices and partially open cubicles made of five-foot tall partition walls. It means that there is very little privacy. The designers of the space had this in mind when they put in a few enclosed, sound-proofed telephone rooms for employees to use for private matters. The spaces are even set up with LAN cables so that you can hook your laptop up there, if need be.

One of my coworkers (my neighbour, in fact) has apparently decided that the phone rooms just don't work for her, and instead she's going to use her own phone for personal matters. This wouldn't be an issue, save that she seems to think that telephones work like those old tin can and string toys and that she needs to yell into the phone in order to be heard. And her conversations all involve her airing her former-daughter-in-law's dirty laundry as she involves herself in a custody battle. She's airing very personal information and it's really very distracting.

I'm not entirely sure how to proceed with this ...
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Each week we post a new question for the members of the community to answer! As usual, if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community, leave it in a comment on this post.

theidolhands asks: Let's talk about absences, how are/were you usually treated if you called in sick? What about an extended absence? Did anyone ever take advantage using this method?

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