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So Sunday, my boss (the one on duty, anyway) calls me in... at 5:30. Now, this was when my boyfriend was having a birthday party for his mother (who also cares about me). And we all know how food + Sundays works. Someone's sleepy...

Anyway, near 5:30 comes along, and my boss calls me in. I think, "Ooh, more hours (that I need really cause of last week's BS at the school)... sweet~" I go in (after changing out of my Sunday clothes and into my work clothes) and work my shift. But at the end of the shift?

AM: Thank you so much for coming in tonight, Cece...
Me: No problem. *smiles*
AM: You probably didn't want to come in...

Seriously?! What the serious hell is that supposed to mean?! At least I don't call out (like 5 of the people that usually do, and the three that got their lazy butts fired) or whine about having to come in. Please drop the attitude, lady. I at least know how to do my job without whining.

Someone is a special kind of stupid...

I work two jobs (well, job one won't be done completely until May). First job's at my college as a reader/scribe to a blind student (only get paid for when I work, so no holiday or sick day pay for me), and the other is part of the Closing Crew at a Dollar Store.

This week, though... if I had a $100 for all the BS I dealt with...

First job: Oh, please let Thanksgiving get here so I won"t have to smack a *bleep*Collapse )

Second job: Oh, the BS is strong with this one...Collapse )

So much BS from this week, man...

I officially hate Thursdays.

I work a split shifts at the pub I work in, 9.30 til 3 then 5.30 til close. Which I don't mind. As long as it's, you know, a split shift. But for the past month every Thursday has been a total clusterfuck Rita wise.

I'm at the end of my tether with the GM who does the rotas, who has for the past month either rota'd on the girl who he knows can't work Thursday's to cover my break, or just not bothered to arrange cover at all. Leaving me to scrabble around asking people to cover the 2.5 hours so I get a break.

So imagine how happy I am that tomorrow not only do I have to cover breakfast, which means I start at 7.45am, but once again he hasn't rota'd any cover for my break, and everyone is busy, so right now I'm going to be working 7.45am through til 11.00pm at night. I don't mind working long shifts, but I need to have a break for food and to recharge, even if it's just an hour.

Of course the GM won't help, he says he can't possibly interrupt his day off even though I'm expected to do so if the situation is reversed, which it has been due to staff sickness in the last week. And never mind he's rota'd me on for both days at the weekend without asking, he can't POSSIBLY help me out for one hour. Nope.

I'm totally going to the company director over this.

Um...I cannot answer that

So my department gets new wall monitors for stuff. The old monitors get recycled out to the head of the facility (so he can use it during meetings, etc.) and I put one up in the reception area.

Head of facility is surprised this happened because my boss and I only told him about it 6-7 times.

Him: "Well what will it be used for?"

Me: "The usual. Normally, conference room schedules, a lot of people want that, happy birthday/work anniversary announcements, Welcome signs for visiting or new customers, etc."

Him: "Well...what if they don't want to be welcomed."

I have no idea. Because in 20 years in IT, most of it in companies with customers, I can honestly say out of the (literally) thousands of customers I've interacted with, THAT HAS NEVER EVER HAPPENED.

I just stared at him, my mouth doing a fish imitation. He seemed annoyed that I hadn't considered that possibility.

Of directors, boards and 'other'

I've whined about this before, skip if you don't want to read it...
Dear Director...a director is supposed to direct. You know, BE there should problems arise, make sure we've the supplies needed, the PEOPLE needed and, well....be in charge. You're around, maybe half hour a week. Last director was there, probably 60 to 80 hours per week. She made sure we had supplies, bills were paid, people hired if needed. I've got to BEG for cat litter, the guys have to BEG for food, we are down to four kennel people, wondering if the lights will be on when we get there, and wondering if we'll even get PAID.
Not so dear board...if you are all sick of us, kindly quit, let others take your place, who might actually DO something. Did you know, your bylaws state YOU are in charge of fundraising, dealing with the community and any type of 'getting the public aware of us' type stuff? As it is, you will all be known as the board 'who lost the humane society of 'this town' due to bad management (bringing on the owner of 'vet clinic' who had already been proven to have gouged said HS for THOUSANDS, and allowing him to do so again) and being, constantly, shown up by a little girl who can bring in more money in one small fundraising effort than all of you adults can in years.

Servers at night time job....if someone doesn't want onions on an item that comes with onions....state it on the ticket. (just hit 'no onions') Same with any other item(s) that are not wanted. Telling me to add 'a side of item' does not tell me to delete item from that order, just that they want more. OH...and if you do not TELL me (and get confirmation that I've heard) that you need chicken or other item that takes a while to prepare...just means that the table will have to wait longer for their order. (and same with drive thru...let us KNOW)

MY health matters...at least to me

What happened was, my knee happened to start 'locking up' so when I knelt down to clean cat cages, I was barely able to get back up. Add in a crapload and half of pain, well, you can probably see why I would call up the VA and beg to be seen. (since, well, I AM a veteran)
I did get my appointment, at 8am. Normally, I would be at work at that time, but I had called the day before and told the shelter that I had my appointment, so would not be in today.
Getting back home, I found three messages from the assistant director. One asking if I would be in at all...no. Another asking how to deal with the ferals (toss some food and water in their bowls, thank your lucky stars that Thing was taken out, the one trying to kill me, and don't worry, none of the remaining have tried to attack, in fact, Chill is getting downright friendly) The last one was asking if I would be back tomorrow. Well, yes, Goddess willing and the creek don't rise.

Guys...out of 1,270 days (more or less) I've taken, maybe 16 days off. You guys all get vacations, scheduled days off. I don't. Yes, I know, dealing with cats, not something any of you want to do, they are evil, sly, sneaky little monsters. Still, even with just four of us there, at times, we all have to deal with things. Just...deal with things, I'll be back, and please don't forget that mama cat needs a bit of extra food.


On fosters and more of the same

Dear fosters of our kittens, and cats with kittens,
I know, only too well do I know, that, at times, having to keep mama cat and kittens for what seems MONTHS at a time is a burden and a hassle. Mama has weaned the babies, they are active (well...they ARE kittens) and you just want to turn them back over to us. I get it.
Problem is, new director AND new vets don't want to spay/neuter anything under four pounds. This means, I've got a pile and a half of kittens, all under that four pound mark. While I've got several that are now ready for said spay/neuter, we have to call them, make an appointment, then get the animals over there. Then, we have to wait for adoptions, or for cats to head over to the adoption facility at the store. Either way, the story is the same. We are full, and don't have room for even one more cat. Dumping mama cat AND her seven kittens....enough to make me want to call in. (well, I DO have to get an appointment at the VA...knee is giving me fits)

Ok vets, why the HELL are you even THINKING of taking MORE teeth from MonaLisa? She is old, she is sick, her mouth is ulcerated (which you have all noted, and done nada about) You euthanized Chip, who had had a shattered leg (old vet would have probably amputated the leg, if possible) Luanne, well, she had no ability to control her bowels, so yeah...no way to adopt her out. So...why not poor Mona? Unless you are getting your jollies from keeping an old sick cat alive? If so....I've got words for you, none of which are very nice.

Oh yes, one other thing, dear director and vets (said director who is never there for more than a few moments each week, old director was there 60 to 80 hours per week)
Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO know what ringworm looks like. I also know what it looks like when a cat or kitten is OVER it. No, I'm not a vet or vet tech, merely a lady with a LOT of experience in the matter. You checked those cats, you found them over the ringworm. Deal with the fact that this kennel worker, with NO college at all, (ok, college of hard knocks) can not only scoop the cat litter, but can also (gasp!!!!) figure out what is wrong with a sick cat.

This might be the end

Things have been going downhill here at the fancy ass hotel.

I come into work and my coworker J pulls me aside and says, "They repoed the coffee makers today." I follow her back into the kitchen and sure enough, the two big industrial coffee makers are gone and all the coffee carafes are gone. They even cut the lines. Breakfast is going to be hell. I was told they are going next door to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee tomorrow. But what about the day after that??

Then we ran out keys last week. Since we are so behind on our bill we can no longer get anymore on credit. We are a 200+ hotel. This shit will not fly. We are down to about 50 and we hope guests will turn in their keys or HK will turn in a bunch. But this is fucking ridiculous. Beyond that. I am super pissed off.

Construction is still on going. Been over a year now. The work is shit. And they keep firing/hiring a new crew but it doesn't help. Somewhere someone fucked up the tv lines. So now four rooms on every floor only have one tv working. This does not make guests happy. We can't fix it. We don't know what to do.

Construction was supposed to be done in August. Then March. Now who knows?! I need a new job stat. Fuck this. We're gonna close. Corporate was here for one day to look around. I can't believe we have our status still. Ugh.

Management says NOTHING. They are all out for a week. We are on our own.

I just want to work at a nice full service 4 star hotel. Nothing crazy. Do they exist? Night Audit for hire.

Oct. 24th, 2015

Dear co worker

The rotas are put up 3 weeks in advance. Your hours are on said rotas. The nine other staff members here all manage to show up for shifts, so your excuse of 'No one told me I'd be working so I've made plans' doesn't fly with me. I shouldn't have to text you to let you know your hours, I don't have to do it for anyone else. Read the damn rotas whilst you are here.

If it was up to me I'd not rota you on at all, as you seem quite capable of turning up to shifts at your other job (and blowing us off to do so), but for some reason the GM keeps you on.

So thanks for the no show. Again.

No love
The Stressed Out Duty Manager

P.S. And don't think it's not been noticed that the shifts you do show up for are the ones you are down to work with cute male staff member.


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