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"Am I the only one who works here?"

I tend to curse a lot... And the raging rant...

Really?! Am I the only one? Sure feels like it for the last 3 fucking days with doing everything from receiving, sorting, jotting down records, posting to putting stock away!Hell, even taking out the trash! While the 2 of you special kind of deplorable snowflakes laze around, sitting on your asses with your smartphones updating Facebook statuses and checking out YouTube laughing your asses off something probably stupid! Oh don't forget the kdrama, your favourite..
Oh? But did some work, did you?
Good job with the display. With the 2 of you it only took you a jiffy. After that, it's free time. More like, having fun modeling the new stuff because you feel like it.
Oh don't mind me. It'd only take me 3 days to finish it all. No big

Who the fuck do you think you are? Guests? Instead of employees? Just because I usually store away the stock doesn't mean you don't have to do it. Besides, I'm doing something else while either of you aren't doing anything much. Pick up the slacks a bit please!! It would have taken less time. And who the fuck do you think you are, lording me around?!
Don't talk to me! Can't you see I'm busy?!

Of course I tend to look like hell because I feel like so! But talking behing my back, literally, when I'm standing not 4 feet away... You know just because I cant speak Chinese nor understand it, doesn't mean I don't get what you're saying. Then proceed like nothing happens, you tackless bitches!

Thanks a lot. You reminded me of how much I can't stand you.

Ok, now I'm getting mad

Dear board of directors,

I do my best here. I've done my very best for four years. I rarely call in. I've come in despite illness, ice storms, deaths in the family, and all the other woes that can happen. I've worked through changes of management, vets, (some of whom should have their license lifted) and changes of other personnel. I've struggled through shortages in equipment, cages, needed things....all except cats, rarely a shortage on cats. I've firmed my shoulders and worked through pain, bleeding and outright fear of wild animals. I do my best for the animals under my care.

I will NOT work without being paid.

If that senile biddy shorts my paycheck again, I will be taking it up with the proper authorities. Perhaps you people should consider asking her to retire from the board before she causes all of us to quit due to not being paid our full hours.

Thank you

your tired and frustrated cat lady
Recap: Afternoon/closing cashier/recovery at a certain dollar store.

So, as if things there can't get any worse... they did. How?

1) Evidence of rat infestation in the store.
2) Health department shut the store down.
3) It was published in the freaking paper!!
4) Manager KNEW about this (and so did the DM that should have had his ass out of Manager's butthole) for THREE MONTHS and did NOTHING about it!

So, what does this mean? I haven't worked in almost a WEEK. I wonder if I should actually put down the dollar store at any future applications because of their BS.

Guess what, Manager who decided to re-hire someone who called out and did nothing about a rat infestation (like the law says you SHOULD!)? Karma's a bitch. About time you got off your lazy ass and did something for a change!

That time of year...again

Ok guys, it is that time of year again. Puppy and kitten season. Now...I've noticed that, for the most part, you guys do NOT get in too many very young orphan puppies. Me....I know there are idiots wandering around who like nothing better than to come across a litter of 'orphan' kittens, (with feral mama watching them, hoping they just go away) picking them up and bringing them in...kinda like your cat does when he drops his prey on your shoe.

What that means, I'm swamped. I CANNOT do the 24/7 care for tiny kittens. That is why we have fosters. However...once those kittens are about 6 to 8 weeks old...they all come back in. All this to say....I have had my hours cut. Boss doesn't want me there more than 30 hours per week. Since I work 7 days a week, that is about 4 and a half hours per day, in which I have to take care of almost fifty cats, clean cages, take care of the four bunnies, (three of which were brought in after owner was jailed for being a meth head) I also need to clean any emptied cages asap, as I know Animal Control will be bringing me in more cats and kittens on a daily basis.

All this rambling to let you know, I do NOT have time to clean the lobby floor, clean the bathrooms, do all that laundry piling up back there, clean your butts and wipe your noses. One of you is there until closing. That one can sweep and mop floors, do laundry and make sure surgery cages are clean, and the floor in there is swept and mopped. Once a week, someone can go in and take a couple of minutes to scrub the toilets and sinks out. You guys work with dog poop....why would scrubbing a toilet out (and you don't even have to touch the water) freak you out? Heck...I'm not even saying one person has to do all that in one day. Just that it needs to be done, and until the slam of the season is over, and I have less than 40 cats...I won't be doing it.

Yes I know...I'm demanding, once again, that you get off your butts, and off your phones, and DO something. Horrid of me. But...should we have someone come in for community service, you can have THEM do it. After all, they don't need to sit back there in the laundry room swatting flies, put in a load of laundry, the wet stuff goes in the dryer, while that load is going (about an hour) clean bathrooms. (we have two...won't take that long) Another load, then sweep and mop the lobby. Another load, clean cages in surgery.

I've told you all this, the kennel manager has told you this. Do I need to get the boss to tell you this?


I work at a facility located in Tijuana, Mexico. There are not just mexican people, but also people from different countries. It's quite a big company. Some employees live in San Diego and work here at Tijuana. Some employees work under the USA calendar, and some others under the Mexican calendar. So, today, 4th of July, the ones who work under the USA one, had their day off.

Many of the people we (my department) have to work with are located in the USA, or are people in our facility that work under the USA calendar. So, that means that today would be a super slow day without any new project to work with. That's why my boss, who is mexican (like me), and works under the Mexico calendar, requested 1 day off from her vacations. No problem there.


JESUS!! She just doesn't know how to relax and enjoy a fucking day off!!! She's already emailing us or skyping us and asking if there's anything new, and asking for things that are not urgent and that could be discussed tomorrow!!



Can't she just let us enjoy our working day without her annoying us?!?!?! She's always pushing, and pushing, and watching us every single fucking minute!! Let us work in peace!!! We (my coworkers and I) were soooo happy and relaxed working, and she just HAD to annoy us online! When it's a slow day, when the other people are not working because of their holiday, and when there's nothing urgent!



That woman just doesn't know how to relax, rest and enjoy her time! Stupid workaholic! She doesn't have a life!! Jeez!!

Come on! you bored?
Then go to the movies! go and have a coffee with a friend! go to the park and run/bike while listening to your music! Go shoping! have a fucking netflix binge! or just sleep!

Whatever!! but please... let us be and work in peace!!


Wasted time / Tiempo perdido

I know I have to hold on until I can pay some big debts I have and see if I can save some money for a trip I have promised my mom all my life... but there are some moments, like right now, that I feel like I am wasting my days, that I am wasting my time being here, sitting in front of a computer, in a room lit just by lamps, without exploiting my creativity and talents, every day, for 10 hours a day. Almost half my day!

I feel like I shouldn't be here. That I should do something else. That I am just wasting my time and going nowhere.

I'm not expecting an answer or advice, I just wanted to share this with somebody.

So goodnight, dear void.

Spanish...Collapse )

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Hey all!

I've just recently joined this community because hey, who doesn't have some crap about work or co-workers to vent about?! I know I sure have my fair share. And if you all don't mind, I have a rant I need to get off my chest.

Travel arrangements! Ugh, what a nightmare. But it's not so much the travel arrangements, it's co-workers and my Boss and their attitude about them.

So I take care of scheduling and travel arrangements as part of my plethora of duties that I'm responsible for. I've been doing the travel aspect for the last 4 years or so. I'm pretty good at it. I can set something up last minute usually and make changes on the fly. I normally stick to airlines that allow for that type of freedom since I deal with a lot of plans changing at the last minute. But about a year ago we hired a new sales guy. This sales guy is just starting to come into the fold of travel and going with the boss to meet with clients. The boss, who is the Owner, decided that the Sales guy would schedule meetings with clients, which had been my responsibility previously. Okay, fine. One less thing on my plate that I have to worry about. The only problem is, this guy has no concept as to how travel works.

Normally if you're going to fly somewhere, you make sure you have your itinerary set up a week or two prior to travel. This way both you and the people you're going to meet have plenty of time to prepare. This sales guy though, oh no. He's a master of the last minute meeting. I'll go set up an entire itinerary, get everything all set up and ready to go. And then a day or two before the trip starts, he'll set up more meetings that change the entire itinerary AND cost the company more money. The Boss doesn't seem to care that much. And all of that would be fine if it didn't come down on me when the things this guy does end up becoming my responsibility. He sets up meetings and communicates directly with the clients, but he won't forward that info over to me. So we end up with situations where they fly somewhere and a meeting was cancelled. I'm supposed to take point, but when I'm not being sent all of the information about a meeting, how am I supposed to follow up with a client to ensure that a meeting is still taking place? My boss has told me in the past that when I do something, I own it and everything associated with it until it's completion. Makes complete sense. I don't disagree with it at all. Apparently though, that does not apply to this guy. The sales guy has the Bosses ear though, and he's making the company money (sort of) so he's the golden child.

I'm just soooooo over it.

I'm off to see greener pastures...

After working five days last week (one of which I was called in, and so happy for it), guess how many days at the dollar store. TWO.

Who in the bloody hell can survive on two days a week?! And who in their right mind hires a person that they FIRED a month ago back and take MY hours that I deserve (said girl had been written up four times when she did work there)?!

It's things like this that make me look for other places. I have bills to pay (a phone bill I help my boyfriend with, since it's in BOTH of our names, a car that I'm currently paying for, and car insurance). Plus, I got to eat! Minimum wage + 8 hours = not nearly enough to even pay for gas to work!

I'm done with the dollar store. Time for me to chuck them the finger they'll need every night to screw themselves with and LEAVE.

No hours?

So, I want to say first that I lucked out. The company sold. No notice was given to ANY employee about the last day. My hours were cut my last week to 2 hours a day. No notice or anything. Pissee off.

Well, the old owner offered me a "full-time" contract job that I can do from home. Sweet deal, huh? Set my own hours. Work from home. Sure. For the first two months. My work flow depends on emails received. Guess what's not really coming in? Emails.

So, I do what any person would do: ask for more work. I message my boss guy "Hello. There are only 7 emails this morning. Is there anything else I can do? I checked our facebook messages, too. Wanna send out 'Subscribe' emails?"

His response "You like to keep busy, huh? :). No you're goid. Clock out after emails." Not even joking on the smiley face.

Like, no. I don't "like to keep busy." I like to work and be paid. If just keeping busy paid my bills, I'd spend all day doing housework and watch the electricity and water bills pay themselves.

I get he means well and he's a pretty cool guy. But seriously? I NEED full time work. I wouldn't be asking for more work to keep busy just TO keep busy. That's what I did at my other job on days I felt like being nice.

But ok. Off to look for employment.

I'm off to apply.
Assistant manager of a pub here. We have 7 rooms upstairs we let out, so we have two housekeepers.

Week before last in the UK it was half term school holidays. One of the housekeepers had booked the week off as she was visiting family, so we managed to cover her, and the other housekeeper was fine working. Or so we thought.

The night before her first shift that week (she works three days, usually a couple of hours each day) she sent the general manager a text message saying "I forgot it was school holidays. I can't work, lol". Well, he was not happy and pointed out that the rotas had been up on the wall for three weeks and she couldn't just decide she couldn't come in at the last minute, so her response was "OK, then I quit". Leaving us up the proverbial creek housekeeping wise during a school holiday. She sent further messages about picking any stuff that belonged to her up and how would she get her final payslip, so it wasn't just a heat of the moment thing, she really did quit. And she quit right at the start of tourist season so we then had a panic about having recruit a new housekeeper as quickly as we could as we are getting busy.

So we were a little surprised when last Monday her payslip and p45 were delivered to her and she went nuts on Facebook and started sending my boss messages that she totally hadn't REALLY quit, and she was going to come in as normal the following day. And we were horrible, backstabbing people for taking her job away.

So basically she thought she could tell us she quit so she could get a week off and we'd be so grateful that she came back the next week nothing more would be said about it. Sadly for her

a) There was no way in hell we were letting that shit fly


b) The day after she quit someone called to see if we needed a housekeeper and we hired them the next day and thus replaced her

So she's now trying to play the victim and no ones actually paying attention to her. She actually sent her husband up to yell at us and the look on his face when we told him she'd quit was priceless, as she'd told him we'd fired her...


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