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To the people who take our cats to and from Petsmart,
First off...yes, thank you for all the hard work. I enjoy being able to get online and see who has been adopted, and who is still there. Although, I could just stop by on my way from work...well...you know how that goes sometimes.
When you bring a cat back, I've asked and asked and ASKED you to GIVE ME THE NAME OF THE CAT AND WHY THEY ARE BEING BROUGHT BACK. Really, just a name, and a reason. On a sticky note if you wish...or any scrap of paper. You could even just drop it on my feed cart. Just a name and a reason, that is ALL I am asking. Two or three words.
One other BIG thing. As you can see, when you are here at the tiny shelter, I've got our most recent litter of kittens in what was our free range kitten room, and is now..well...whatever. May I ask that you use just a tiny bit of common sense AND NOT PUT THE CAT SUSPECTED OF RINGWORM IN THAT ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this time, I do NOT need six three to four week old kittens to lyme dip. Ok???? OH...and I put a list of instructions on how to set up a cage for a cat. ONE single layer of newspaper is all you need. These are not dogs, they don't poop and pee everywhere. For the most part, they use the litter box. They do not need an inch thick layer of paper to soak it all up. (ok...one does, but he has no control over his bowels, and will probably be put down) Not that I think that will do any good....but at times, we do run out of newspaper.

Ok to the guys,
As we trundle into winter, yes, the amount of cats eventually goes down. I have more time to do other things besides take care of way too many cats, and actually do other things. Like cleaning the lobby floor that hasn't been mopped since who knows when, cleaning the bathrooms that no one has cleaned since....well...I did swipe a cleaning cloth in the ladies room a time or two, but the mens room....nada. Even laundry, doing the surgery cages and just general stuff. I was just wondering...the next time someone gets all the dirty towels that you have all used in the kennels...could you, maybe, take those few extra steps and get them IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM, NOT JUST OUTSIDE THE DOOR???? I won't tax your very young muscles (I'm talking guys about twenty something) and ask you to actually put them IN the laundry baskets, not beside them. Frankly, I see not one reason in the world why I should put my near 60 year old self to the hassle of picking up that pile of wet towels and humping them into the laundry room. You guys want them washed? Put them into the laundry room...in fact, give me a shock....and put them into the empty basket.

And finally....new person....while I can understand the idea of wanting to look good at work, four inch spike heels? That might be nice for sitting at the desk, but just about anything else, not so great. Especially right after I've mopped said lobby floor. Now, if you simply MUST wear your best jeans and shirt, along with those stilleto heels, go for it. Just....don't whine if the cats snag your clothing, or if your shoes hurt your feet.

thanks...ever so

No, I'm not in a good mood

Get informed that, even if I work 66+ hours, I only get paid for 62 of them, (although boss DID say he would keep track and pay those hours when we had fewer cats, and thus fewer hours....we'll BOTH be keeping track) so, I'm not a happy camper right now. Because of this, certain things are sticking in my craw, and dancing on my last tired nerve.

Guys...if you can hump your laundry INTO the laundry room....why, may I ask, do you feel the need to dump it on the floor...next to the empty laundry basket????

Trash needs to be taken out. Trying to cram 15 pounds of trash into a five pound trash can doesn't work. Piling it up higher and higher...do you think that adds to the decor of the ladies bathroom to have your trash, leftover food and general gunk in there? Oh, and why, pray tell the LADIES bathroom? Why don't you pile it up in the mens bathroom? I mean....while I've not run a 'P' check, you ARE males, right? (and frankly, I don't want to run such a check, I'm old, I'm not interested, and I just want you guys to clean up after yourselves)

Lets face it, I've got 60+ cats, less than five hours to get them all fed, cages cleaned, other things done. You guys have fewer dogs than I have cats, and at least two of you to do the job. Since I seem to be the only one doing laundry, as well as trying to keep up with cat vaccinations, the cat files (which the front desk people tend to forget about, seeing as we had about ten files in there of cats that had been adopted, or died a month ago) I just don't have TIME to deal with your messes. All of you are adults, do your jobs.

Here's your badge

Working in a place that has few employees, well, most of the time, we get along, no real problems. The hassles are pretty much gone, except for the 'now and then' people we get.

Volunteers are our life blood at times. If they come in to work, and not socialize, but there are always those.
Person who takes our dogs to Petsmart, and assists our Vet...you are a VOLUNTEER. You do NOT get paid for what you do by either the Humane Society or the Vet. (good thing he's 'comfortably well off) This being said, you have not one thing to say about whether we can take in animals or not. Telling people you are part of the staff of our wee little shelter is a big fat lie, and telling them 'oh, we have PLENTY of room for your dogs/cats/rabbits/rats/ET's whatever is an even bigger one. Of course, you're never there when so and so comes in the door with cages and carriers, then tells us that 'well...your staff member at Petsmart said you had room' Who then gets the blame and the evil eye for telling said person we cannot take the animals? Not you, of course, but us. WE and the Humane society get the bad reviews, while you get the sympathy for having such 'uncaring coworkers'

Dear Vet,
While I appreciate the time, expense and hard work you put into becoming a Veterinarian, I cannot but help contrast you with our last Vet. She is a type A personality, list driven, goal orientated, thorough, more than a bit on the OCD side, but a HELL of a Vet and a great teacher. You are quite a bit more lackadaisical, you have no wish to teach and don't seem to care if we medicate the animals ourselves, instead of waiting for you to tell us what to give. Now...I don't mind giving the cats the regular de wormer, or the mild upper respiratory stuff. Kinda like getting over the counter stuff for my own colds. I will NOT give the stronger stuff. Sorry. Oh...and I know it is your job to check out any animals that might need to be checked, but I do insist on letting you KNOW why you are checking on them. After all, your usual 'diagnosis' seems to be 'dewormer' and keep checking. When I asked you to check on the pregnant cat, she had already been given the vaccinations and dewormer. She didn't need any more, and yes, I had already decided to give her the grain free. (Vet's other 'all cure' deworming and grain free food does not fix everything, sadly)

For the most part, volunteers and community service people find out, quickly (like the first few minutes) that helping out is not a matter of petting puppies and cuddling kittens. Those who cannot deal with it, don't come back.

Too bad, so sad... get over it...

So, a month after I parted ways with the school* (the girl tried to get me into trouble, but I told my boss what was up before I went my separate ways), I now I have a new job lined up. Full-time, more work, and certainly more money.

But what would make this more awkward? My little part-time job at the dollar store, and the drama that's sure to follow.

Store policy says I HAVE to give a two week notice, else I won't be eligible to be rehired. (And since I like to have a Plan B, this would have to happen.)

No, store. Don't be upset. Don't cry and wonder what you could have done to keep me. I'll keep in touch. Hell, I'll even try to sell YOU guys something for a change. Will I miss you? A little. Will I be happy to be gone? Hell yeah, but to your faces, I'll act sad.

*Girl tried to say that I wasn't doing my job, but I told my boss that I couldn't work with a person who constantly showed up late, talked about her family issues (do I look like I have a Psychology degree?!), and complained about how every class she took was too hard. Only so much BS one can take with that before I snap, and I left before I could actually snap.
Now,don't get me wrong. Some volunteers and community service people are wonderful. In the case of community service they were sentenced to xx hours of service for whatever they might have done wrong. We've had some GREAT people that way, hard workers who later, in fact, became staff members.


We are now implementing a new policy, for those who are NOT hard workers, and this will go for community service AND those who are doing service in the humane society for credits towards a college course

Put your damn cell phone up and WORK for Bastet and Annubis' sake.

Quite honestly....should you come in, sign in and then immediately sit and start texting, facebooking, whatever the heck (I have a go phone....if it rings, I'll answer, sometimes) then your credibility with us just dropped. Should you be given a job and it's done half assed, if even that well, because you are checking your phone while 'working' we start thinking about showing you where the door is. Should the nice lady at the desk have to continuelly watch you and remind you to work, because you've got your phone in your hand, and the job requires both hands....remember, that door is not tempered unbreakable glass..if we throw hard enough, I'm sure it will break.

So now...we have decided, this kid is going to do a job that we've been needing someone to do. He is going to be cleaning and organizing the linen shelves, then the laundry room. With three guys to watch him and make sure he keeps working. Oh...and he will be told, the phone stays at the front desk...unless he has reason to believe that he will be getting an emergency phone call. Emergencies being

CLOSE family member in ER or hospital, and not expected to live or needs immediate blood donation and he has that blood type.

He is a member of the rare blood club, and a call goes out for his blood type.

Emergencies do not include

A friend on facebook asking what he is doing, or if there are any 'hot chicks' where he is (no....lady at desk is lovely, but married, cat lady is nearly 60 and looks it)

Oh and yes, as a matter of fact, the guys to tend to get on their phones, as I answered mine. then again, they were on break or lunch...and my call was from the VA setting up my yearly eye exam.

As I've said...sometimes, volunteers and such are blessings. We had kids from a special class who would come in once a week to help clean...those kids were great. Sometimes, we really wish some of them would just stay home....or volunteer someplace else.

You brings the drama...we don't wants it

Dear vet assistant.

Yes, I know, dearly beloved co worker is leaving. We tried to get her to agree to stay here and commute (her husband got a job in a city across the state) she wasn't going for it. (and no way could they afford two homes anyway) So, we are now trying to find someone to take her place. Remembering this is a humane society which means, part time, and minumum wage.

First lady learned the job pretty good, but her husband was all up in the directors face arguing that his 'little wifey' should get at least nine bucks per hour. (I don't get nine bucks per hour, and I've BEEN there 7 days a week, with less than five days off per year, for four years)

Now, the drama queen wants to do the job. Ok...several problems. Well, the drama queen bit is bad enough. She MUST stick her nose into everything, which means, as I'm doing my job, she is right there, telling me what I'm doing wrong. (she did my job for about a month, several years ago, got fired....me...been doing this for four years and all my job evals say I'm doing 'above and beyond...so, who is right here?)

Now, I don't mind if people want large families. She just had baby number seven, (just a few days before her daughter had baby number one) Again, I don't mind, but she says she HAS to bring the baby with her. I can, more or less deal, on the one day the Vet is here, but honestly....While we ARE informal, this is still a business, and a nursing mother does not belong at the desk.

I may not like our new vet...or agree with how she does things, being used to an overly controlling type A personality, but I won't badmouth her to the people coming in. If they ask about who I use, I'll tell them, I will also give them our Vet's card, and tell them it depends on how they like her. Badmouthing the vet, while in the facility to people coming in to adopt animals? Kindly remember, this lady assists the vet, on her one day here. I kinda keep hoping one day, the vet will hear her. I honestly don't care if the Vet uses holistic 'touch' Reiki therapy, traditional, or shamanistic healing. I'm not going to blab all over the shelter about it. (within the family though....)

OH yes....one other factor, the boss doesn't like you. While he is a professional, he still has to work with the desk people. In fact, work with them closely. He is looking for someone who can deal with customers(no, you cannot) deal with the computers (if you can't figure out shelter pro, and that is so easy) can order what we need, without going crazy (two boxes of cat vaccine, not twenty) and generally keep things up and going so we aren't having problems. Oh...and be able to get along with the rest of us...which you also cannot.

Basically, we need a miracle worker at minimum wage.

Granny: Worst Co-Worker Ever.

Earlier today, I was reading a statement I'd written for the local Labour Board about my last job. I've been gone from this job for some time now, but I thought I'd post some details here, since it seemed like the perfect thing to post in this comm.

In late 2014, I accepted a job as an accountant for a local warehousing company. I found the job through a staffing agency. The pay seemed pretty good, the office was really nice, and the interview had gone well. I was there for just over a year, total. For most of my duration there, I didn't have to deal with the owner's grandmother, who I'll refer to as 'Granny'. The last three months saw Granny practically living at the office, and things went straight to hell in a major hurry. Since I was the only financial-type employee, and she'd been a bookkeeper for 40 years (so she claimed), she made it her life's purpose to supervise me specifically, but she also had to have her nose in everyone else's job.

She was miserable. She was vile. The woman was 100% certifiably batshit nuts. I think she had some sort of paranoid or delusional disorder, or dementia, because her behavior was completely out to lunch. My boss was a bit of an odd duck, as well; he was terrified of confrontation, and he hated communicating with people, so he'd send everyone emails instead of actually talking to them. If you had a question and went into his office, he'd get this fear in his eyes. I never knew why until Granny showed up. She was the one who'd raised him, and after spending a month or so around the woman, I realized she'd fucked this guy up (and his sister, but that's another story). Whatever the case, he was terrified of her, and would never stand up to her. I was actually warned about this from the previous accountant who I'd taken over from (Granny was the reason she was quitting), but I thought it was just a personality conflict that wasn't going to affect me.

Boy, was I wrong.

Cut for abuse triggers and disablist language.Collapse )


PowerPoint PRO Master!

I am a Graphic Designer. Where I work there are 2 other graphic designers, and a communication/marketing specialist.
I don't know WHY THE HELL my boss has put a fucking label on me that reads: "PowerPoint PRO Master" or something!!
I HAAAAATE it that every-single-fucking-time that the marketing department, or some manager needs a fucking ppt, or a shitty template... she asigns me that job!!! AAAARGH!!
Sorry, lady... I DID NOT take some PhD in powerpoint!!! I fucking hate power point!!!
Why can't any other person work on them?? I mean, CAN'T YOU make one? Or just let the others help out a bit!! You don't need a carreer on graphic design to make a fucking powerpoint presentation!!!
I know that powerpoint can make wonders if you know how to use it correctly and are familiar with the tools... but... WHO THE FUCK told her that I know how to use that 100%???

yeah... that's why I studied graphic design 4 and a half years, and payed for university..... to make powerpoints. THAT is my life goal.


Sandwiches With A Side Order of Tears

This isn't a message about my workplace but about something I saw on Sunday at a well known sandwich chain.
A female, about 18-22, was working on her own in a busy store. The weather was quite nice so there were a lot of people about.
She'd just served 2 people, was in the process of serving two more sandwiches to a guy in front, then it was me and 3 people behind me! The two people she'd just served called her over to say that the drink machine was only giving out water. She changed the syrup box in the back but it still wasn't working. The guy in front of me started to complain because she was supposed to be serving him, even though one of his sandwiches was still in the oven heating up! She phones someone and explains that she's tried twice to change the box but it's not working and that there's a queue. The guy in front starts speaking saying that she'll have to redo his sandwiches, but he isn't saying it directly to her but loud enough for her to hear! The group of 3 people behind me start chiming in saying that she shouldn't have left his sandwich. She then starts to cry on the phone and goes into the back. One of the people behind me then starts to say 'Oh she's having a breakdown. It's not right that she's on her own'. You're part of the f**kin' problem! You and your ilk, thinking the world revolves around you, commenting about a sandwich that ain't even yours. These are the same people who don't think it's right that she's on her own, but are to f**kin' lazy to clear their table when they've finished so it'll gives her one less thing to do. Some people will be thinking 'well it is her job', but I'm sorry, the only time I ever leave food/plates on a table is if it's a restaurant and the plates need to be taken away into a kitchen/staff only area to be washed, otherwise if it's a McD's etc, I pick up my paper bag or wrapper and throw it in the bin, that is why they provide them after all.
She ended up giving out bottled drinks. No one likes to wait and if you're in a shop waiting to be served and staff are standing around talking then that is annoying but that wasn't the situation here so cut her some slack. No it's not your fault that she's understaffed but it's not hers either, it's some manager/owners fault thinking he can save a buck. Put yourself in her shoes, she doesn't want to be run ragged (and I'd love to know who's covering her break?) so calm the f**k down! It's a sandwich, wait or calmly go some place else to eat.

It's retail, work weekends!

I've mentioned in a previous post about colleagues not working weekends. Well I overheard a colleague say that someone else has said that they can't work Sundays anymore! He only works Saturdays and Sundays anyway! That means that his Sundays will need to be absorbed by the remaining staff so we'll all end up doing even more weekends. The manager really needs to sort this out and have a meeting saying that as it's a retail environment and ALL staff are expected to work the busiest days of the week which are Saturdays and Sundays and when they took the job they knew this was the deal. They don't have to do every week but at least 1 weekend a month to allow other colleagues to have time off.
But also on a Saturday and Sunday it's non-stop customers after customers, questions after questions but on a weekday, although it can still be busy, it's not in the same league, yet they're still paid the same per hour as the people run ragged on a weekend! Pay the weekend staff more and lets see how many of the people who refuse to weekends change their minds and can all of a sudden work them.
One of the woman who doesn't work Sundays comes into the store almost every week to buy something anyway! There's only one woman who I don't mind not working weekends because she's been there that long that her contract wouldn't have had weekend work in it, when she joined back in the 80's shops didn't even open on Sundays, so I don't have a problem with that. But most people have joined there within the last few years so know they have to work weekends.


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